Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56

05 October, 2011
The genius behind Apple's success passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

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  • Gagan

Rest in Peace, you made the best quality products. You was the ultimate consumer who know what he needed. you was the best

  • AnonD-25140

r.i.p steve jobs

  • Re

Rest In Peace, your brilliance, your inspiration will always be remembered

  • Achmad Zein

RIP Steve. I'm proud to be an Apple Users.

  • Sony and Nokia!

Wasn't really a fan of Apple but the news of his death truly affected me, may his soul rest in peace!

  • AnonD-23655

He was a great man to all. And the founder of apples great products. I will miss you. What will happen with apple now

  • Rickje

The impersonation of greatness... he will be missed... RIP sir

  • Anonymous

The man behind the age of touchscreen mobiles...He will forever be remembered as the pillar of strength on which Apple will always rest... RIP Steve, the world will miss you

  • suman

surely, we will miss u lot.thanks for the gift and showing the ways for the better future...

  • qasim

im very very very sad and news was shocking for me

  • Warren

Rest in Peace Steve. You have brought amazement across the technology world. You can finally be released from the cruel illness which took you away. At least you leave an amazing legacy behind. Thought and prayers are with the family at this time.

  • D!!!!!

We Miss u!!!

  • AnonD-25134

may god rest your soul,you are a great man,miss you steve.......

  • AnonD-8941

Don't like apple too much, but R.I.P Mr. Steve Jobs

  • Jshan

Thank you mr.Steve job !! I salute you !! U have made me so happy thru the iPhone .. I love apple products . Specially to the iPhone it's amazing.. And all other smart phones are just copying your affairs .. Those r amazing !! RIP mr. Steve job !! THE WORLD GONNA MISS YOU !!

From - Sri Lanka ..

  • Nitesh Yadav

Very heartfelt condolence to jobs family.
Jobs u were indeed a genius and the trend setter in tech doubt,every1 in da world having heard even a little abt apple wil mis u.u will be remembered and respected 4ever.RIP IN PARADISE

  • VJ

May your soul rest in peace Steve!! World will never forget you!!!!

  • masoud

steve Never dies.

  • Compro

R.I.P Steve Jobs.

  • hr

we will never forget you Steve Jobs