Counterclockwise: revisiting Motorola's iconic phones

22 July 2018
Motorola invented the cell phone. It invented the flip phone. It helped young Android grow. Few companies are as important to phone history as Moto.

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  • Sonny
  • g8B
  • 24 Nov 2019

Switched from Nokia 1611 to Ericsson GH688. And now following the line i'm using Xperia 1. Still with Ericsson classical ringtones. Just love them. Brother had a Motorola d160.

    It's 2019 and I am using Moto One Vision.

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      • vas
      • 30 Aug 2018

      Nokia symbian 3 or Anna sleeping screen with notifications for call, text, email, alarms & calendar events was 2-3 years before Motorola G & E series for always on information.

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        • vas
        • 29 Aug 2018

        Im not really knowledgeable about phones but didn't Symbian 3 OS have always on well before Motorola G & E since they are from c2013 & symbian 3 was c2010 or something? I mean that on Symbian I remember you can lock the screen and still see the time, missed calls, texts, emails & calendar events.

          Well Motorola was always like a best brand and still is.
          Without Motorola we wouldnt have a cell phones.
          So thumbs up for Motorola.

            And when every time Motorola releases something, people do pay attention, because they always have a unique take on things.

              Anonymous, 23 Jul 2018RAZR was their most hyped. Droid Turbo was their best.Oh ya, Droid Turbo was the phone I wanted before Nexus 4... sadly it was only available in the US.
              I then bought the Nexus 4, and later moved on to Oneplus

                The first mobile in my household was a motorola (and it ran analogue before GSM).
                The only motorola I bought myself was a RAZR after the heat (2006 ish).
                Motorola phones were solid built and were fresh on the design and technical specs.
                Sadly their android era wasn't that good. Never had an android Motorola phone.
                Hopefully they would change their strategy and give a new lease of lifeline to this brand, but it maybe too late due to the onslaught of cheap Chinese phones (which are also feature packed, and getting more innovative).

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                  • Kangal
                  • uCX
                  • 24 Jul 2018

                  Anonymous, 22 Jul 2018BS, Huawei and HTC never had anything to do with each other... moreYes, I live in the Middle Ages.
                  I'm using my 0.1G service on my SpacePhone to talk to you through time. I'm cool like that.

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                    • q{W
                    • 24 Jul 2018

                    No mention of either of the FasTap phones! Those were.... admittedly less iconic. Still, after they were overlooked in both the recent "interesting form factor" articles I'd hoped to see them here.

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                      • tTY
                      • 23 Jul 2018

                      Don't why shopkeepers always suggest for Samsung, vivo, OPPO... I never found these durable....may be they get more margin selling these... Although Nokia was good but at that time it was much expensive... I remember I had Sony Ericsson k750i which was priced at 12750 INR and N72 was near about 18000 INR at that time. And k750i was perfect at that time

                        My first phone, (company provided) was the motorola brick, the Dyna-tac.
                        My first real moto phone was one of the first moto flip phones, then the analog star tac
                        then the digital star tac, the v220. After that I switched to Sony for a couple versions, then the HTC PDA phones.

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                          • a3i
                          • 23 Jul 2018

                          rgr2508, 23 Jul 2018The biggest problem today is that phones are basically mini... moregood point but after all we lack innovation!
                          and it is kinda annoying to see all phones are look like each other!
                          Imagen all cars be like each others! O_o

                            Anonymous, 22 Jul 2018Those were the day when phone designs is innovative, Now ev... moreThe biggest problem today is that phones are basically mini personal computers. People want larger screens for media consumption, and this results in phones that look very similar to each other. Any attempt to change design often results in negative reactions from consumers.

                              While I've had a few Nokias before, all my Android smartphones were from Motorola. Starting with a DEFY+ up to the current G5 Plus. Every time I have to choose a new phone, I always consider switching to Sony or Samsung, but I always end up going with big M.

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                                • MQ3
                                • 23 Jul 2018

                                still one fan of Motorola, they always try to be different. Don´t think that MODS are the best approach of inovattion. Maybe they should release a new clamshell again

                                  I have never considered myself as Motorola fan, but when I saw this I reallized, I've had 5 Motorola phones. And 4 of them are here in the list. Of course my favourite was RIZR Z8

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                                    • J2R
                                    • 23 Jul 2018

                                    nexsus 6 is the best of all times !!

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                                      • PA7
                                      • 23 Jul 2018

                                      Best innovator in mobile, suit for engineer & saavy tech while iphone for those no idea what tech is

                                        I loved my old razr v3! It was the coolest phone i've ever had in terms of how classy it looked and how awesome it felt every time i flipped it open answering a call. The glory days of motorola.