Oppo F9 will come with a Pro version, passes Bluetooth certification

21 July 2018
It might pose a small update over its predecessor with Helio P60 chipset.

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  • raxz

No Update For all mobiles software... Useless
Unlike other brand always have updates coming for latest O.S ..

  • Lee

Get next OS upgrade?If not, bad for using.

Oppo F7 will never receive android P officially from Oppo. Mark my word. Look at where Oppo F5 now still Nougat. Constant release every 6 months.

  • DRM

in Indonesia has been certified by the government with code name CPH1823

  • Anonymous

AnonD-766086, 21 Jul 2018I think it might be the rumoured Helios P70...If bluetooth module is the same as F7/realme 1, I think it will be P60.
I can't imagine P70 with bluetooth 4.2 when P22 uses 5.0.
I can admit P60 with 4.2 only because it is a little older than 22.

Nevertheless, I'm waiting for this P70, I think it could be something able to compete with SD710 (like P60 with SD660)

release new phones every god damn month and then say no to software updates, I still feel bad that these companies are at top level in countries like India, where their sales executive easily fool, confused indian buyers!

Anonymous , 21 Jul 2018My guess triples camera for mocking huawei...How would that mock Huawei?

  • Anonymous

That is why Oppo and Vivo phones never get software upgrades, they prefer to make you buy new phones...shame

  • AnonD-766086

I think it might be the rumoured Helios P70...

I truly wish for people to stop buying these things. The markets overflow with all sorts of jewels, their "replicas" as well as pure crap - all with multiole variations.
One of the modern trends is just to constantly sh*t out models after a few months and re-release them. It's horrible.

  • Anonymous

My guess triples camera for mocking huawei...

Come on. F7 is still fresh and new.
Another phone again?