Huawei Honor Note 10 full specs outed by TENAA

23 July 2018
The phone will arrive with a huge 6.95” panel, 8 GB RAM and Kirin 970.

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  • 29 Jul 2018

you've given us all the spin, but forgotten the main information, what's the price? bro. Nothings as important, when it comes to this issue, right? So out with it!

    Oh man so many equaly same phones apart the name and price.

      leledumbo, 24 Jul 2018Wow, beat Mi Max 3 by 0.05"! But 600mAh less battery?I thought the MiMax 3 had a 5500Mah battery while the Huawei Note 10 is listed as a 6000MaH bat.

        Wow, beat Mi Max 3 by 0.05"! But 600mAh less battery?

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          • 24 Jul 2018


            Mr Magma, 23 Jul 2018It sounds like you're still living in 2013 i never knew modern world must used big screen device ...

            people who prefer small screen consider outdated ? what kind of logic u used ?

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              • 23 Jul 2018

              Robbie, 23 Jul 2018My Samsung Note 8 can switch between FHD and QHD, it makes ... moreThere are several problems with your statement.

              This is not a very solid test, to just change output resolutions on the phone. You will not get accurate results as a QHD panel and a FHD panel will consume a different amount of power (taking software and GPU rendering completely out of the picture).

              Also, 17 minutes extra screen time is not "practically zero".

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                • 23 Jul 2018

                There will always be people that like big screens. Since phones have gone almost bezelless, there is a chance to make the screens bigger. There are already too many 6“ phones. That’s why I think it is a smart move to bring out this size of a phone and stand out of the crowd. In some markets, people will like it.

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                  • 23 Jul 2018

                  Oh dear, next thing you know we will be speaking with 10 inch phones...

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                    • 23 Jul 2018

                    6.95 inch display with FHD resolution ??
                    That does note sound good at all !

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                      • 23 Jul 2018

                      Sinister, 23 Jul 2018The problem if they are going to use QHD+ is that the batte... moreMy Samsung Note 8 can switch between FHD and QHD, it makes practically zero difference (an extra 17 minutes of battery life turning down to FHD)

                        BlobFish, 23 Jul 2018What i understand Phablet means tablet with phone function ... moreWho said you can't make phone calls using a tablet?

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                          • 23 Jul 2018

                          AnonD-43988, 23 Jul 2018With such a large display, resolution should have been QHD+... moreThe problem if they are going to use QHD+ is that the battery usage will drop dramatically. Even if they used OLED display.

                          P.S! I don't like Huawei to but they are launching phones that suites your preference.

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                            • 23 Jul 2018

                            no unlockable bootloader from huawei = no buy !!! ... no matter what you make for us. bye bye

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                              • 23 Jul 2018

                              FHD+ display? why? Honor Note 8 had QHD...

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                                • 23 Jul 2018

                                With such a large display, resolution should have been QHD+.


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                                  • 23 Jul 2018

                                  BrokenLawShaw, 23 Jul 2018You're wrong buddy. TENAA also specifies that this phone co... moreYeah, just saw that few minutes back.. Then it's a good one mate..

                                    GSMarena forgot to specify the battery capacity as seen on TENAA website. It confirms the battery capacity of 4900mAh. (Check Source)

                                      AMOLED display check
                                      Excellent camera check
                                      6-8Gb ram check
                                      I'm just not excited about the Kirin 970, Mi Mix 2s' bechmark in single 2470, and multi is 9170

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                                        • 23 Jul 2018

                                        Specs-wise, so far so good. Here's hoping it has stereo speakers and an IR Blaster like the Mate series.