OnePlus promises selfie portrait mode for OP5 and OP5T and more

24 July 2018
During an Open Ears Forum, the company promised to deliver a slew of new features and a fix for the "oil painting effect".

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  • Anonymous

No need of portrait mood..Please avoid your oils painting camera of one plus 5.

And Xiaomi is providing portrait mode on both front and back cameras of their 2 year old phones.
I mean, people keep on hating these "Cheap Chinese" brands, saying big brands provide better support. Ask any of those "Big brands" to provide a marketable feature like portrait mode to their older models, and then say they provide "better support".
Google never ported their amazing portrait mode on the first gen pixels, heck, no portrait mode even on the "latest" 600$ flagships S9 & iPhone 8.
Nowadays, these Chinese brands provide products cheaper, as well as with better support, than big brands.

What a responsive company.

  • Good news

thanks for the update we are looking for selfie pot raid mod.

  • KeepMello

What is with oneplus6?!

  • Navin

xOdd, 24 Jul 2018I'm not going to trust them after what I've been through wi... moreReading mode is basically a mildly monochrome setting.
You can do it manually by going to developer settings and change the color simulation to monochrome. I know it's a bit hectic but it does the job. Or you can try it apps that do the same.

I'm not going to trust them after what I've been through with my OP3. One of the best phones ever, but they just ended it's support as soon as they launched the OP5.. like they both have the same screens but they can't add reading mode to the OP3?