EXCLUSIVE: We get the allegedly proper Nexus Prime specs

06 October, 2011
Hours after the first leak, a Google insider comes up and paints a totally different Nexus Prime picture for us.

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  • Anonymous


This is a good picture. Hope its true.

  • rubendds

jeeylu, 06 Oct 2011Hey! This is not Apple';)hehehehehheheheheh true

  • gust3r3u

omg this could be the most awesome phone ,the dream phone ,but its still not perfect the pentile matrix is kind of iffi

  • Anonymous

Hope this phone has wifi direct and a 2mp camera upfront,shutter key and led indicator.

  • joe

AnonD-25180, 06 Oct 2011now thats really interesting...audio quality was greatly improved with the new 2.3.5 leaked update

  • BGR fan

the chances of me believing these specs over BGR would be hard because Verizon would not launch the Nexus prime as a none LTE device.

  • Dan_br

Definitely it's a gorgeous phone and I hope it has a full screen body like nokia n9, if it does, it'll be a KNOCKOUT in design terms! And with those top note specs, i'm afraid iPhone 4s will be only for the apple fan boys or like the name says 4 "S"(you know what i mean LOL).

  • JS

AnonD-2663, 07 Oct 2011It'll still take crappy photos. The battery still won't last mor... moreBattery capacity is decent...its SALed display and Android combined suck battery...almost all of apps on Android suck on 3g data...Dialer included!

  • Anonymous

Yani, 06 Oct 2011"...which should be good for a couple of days use without c... moreyou have to remember, this phone wont have physical buttons. the larger screen will fit on the same size phone as most other 4.3 screen phones.

It wont be much bigger

  • sharpas4

what about the price?

  • Noman

Engadget are quoting 'GSMArena' in their story about this Nexus Prime! GsmArena 2 Engadget 0! The first goal was when GSMArena found out about the iPhone 4GS specs before Engadget!

  • Troll Hunter

Striker, 06 Oct 2011Better CPU than iPhone 4S - Nope. Better video rendering than i... moreReally you derived all that, congratulations, by the way shouldn't you be hiding under a bridge somewhere?

  • AnonD-2663

It'll still take crappy photos. The battery still won't last more than 5 hours, and it'll still be locked to google's proprietary crap. Nothing new here.

  • Striker

Better CPU than iPhone 4S - Nope.
Better video rendering than iPhone 4S - No way!
Better display than iPhone 4S - Nope.
Better battery than iPhone 4S - No way!
Better os than iOS5 - Hahaha, nooo way!

  • AnonD-24281

[deleted post]OMG!!!!!!!!!!! where did you get that? This is a most buy for me.

  • Anonymous

Better GPU/CPU than iPhone 4S? Check.

4.6" Super AMOLED HD screen? Check.

Ice Cream Sandwich? Check.

Huge battery? Check.

LTE? Check.

Now just waiting for confirmation of the metal chassis and support for T-Mobile's 42mbps network.

  • Betoncio

Maybe the screen size looks too big for some people, but what if they increase the screen and reduce the frame and the bezel, they will end up with a bigger screen but the same pocketable body size, am i right? Anyways this looks promising

  • jace

Wow, I can't wait..this dawn of mobile computer power, ditch your iPhone now.

  • Henry

[deleted post]Is that a prime in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • Jason

AnonD-5976, 06 Oct 2011Lord have mercy on other smartphone manufacturers...This is abso... moreYou aint lying brother. Those stats are just mind blowing. It does make one wonder what the Galaxy S3 will be, but since we got the S2 7 months late, I would assume the same for the S3. If these stats are real HTC, Apple, Sony-Ericsson, LG and whoever else will need to repent their sins and be baptized just to rid themselves of the shame.

10/11/2011, Never forget.