Moto E5 Play and E5 Plus becomes available from T-Mobile

27 July 2018
Two new entry-level Motorola handsets are available from the carrier starting at $150.

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  • Ranveer kaswan chima
  • Dk3
  • 03 Aug 2018

ML, 28 Jul 2018If it can be rooted and bootloader unlockedNice thanks

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    • The objective Guy
    • P1Q
    • 30 Jul 2018

    [deleted post]It's difficult to make a case for those prices in the US when last year models can be had for less than $100. The E4 Plus was a little more expensive but nowhere near $200. And HW updates are minimal, while SW updates are not guaranteed.

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      • kmu
      • 28 Jul 2018

      If it can be rooted and bootloader unlocked

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        • Niraz1094
        • YPe
        • 28 Jul 2018

        Dumb US of A, this is what you get for blocking Huawei. A sub- par device for $255. From the specs of it, it should have been $200 and not more (talking about e5+). Anyway, enjoy being ripped off.