Oppo Find X in for review watch the unboxing video

27 July 2018
One of the most talked about smartphones of the year is in our hands for review. Watch the unboxing here.

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  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2018Lots of jerrytrollsomething worshippers here.........phone is st... moreHey, Zack from JerryRigEverything is one of the messiahs of gadgetry. Like Jesus, he is never wrong about what we all wanted (no Monochrome sensors, only Telephoto and Wide, headphone jack for example) but there are things that are questionable at best.

uhmm.. So what are to pros of this one?

Cons are obvious:
- No waterproofing at all
- No stereo speaker
- No fingerprint
- No audio jack
- ColorOS 5.1
- No SD card
- Pretty lousy camera

Well, for an 800 euros phone this isn't worth it...

Yeah, well from a design point of view it looks stunning and sleek! But that doesn't worth the price...

  • Alien

[deleted post]I wouldn't use a china brand even if they made me a star on Hollywood boulevard and pay me extra.
Only Japanese or Korean for me.

Amazing comments from people with zero IQ. Find X is a beautifully crafted innovative masterpiece. Which mobile company currently in the marketplace can produce such a beautiful masterpiece? Jealousy and negative comment does not make you a better person but it brings your ability and attitude to a trash. Be constructive and fair with your comment. Otherwise, take your comment to your loved one, parents, kids, relatives etc....

  • Anonymous

Lots of jerrytrollsomething worshippers here.........phone is still unique tho.

  • Anonymous

The only interesting matter is back panel's design..

  • Eyal k.

i wonder whak kind of case would give this phone the optimal protection... seems like the top part of the phone has to be case free at all times

  • Anonymous

What the beautiful back panel..

umeshk, 28 Jul 2018We also know nokia can make the toughest phone under 300$ ie nok... moreTrue.
That's why norms still prefer Samsung's well balanced midrange phones over Oppo's offerings: build quality, warranty, and Samsung UI...

Alien , 28 Jul 2018This thing brakes like an old biscuit with glass crumbs :)) Agreed! XD

Oppo Find X? More like "OhNo Bend X". It's like an iPhone, overpriced junk that'll break or crack if you drop it on anything harder than a baby's bottom, or if you breathe on it wrongly.

umeshk, 28 Jul 2018U just happened post another comment mentioning jerryrig... par... moreYeah, i knew someone would say that. Ok. I will not say that name anymore. Bye.

  • Alien

Geric.770, 28 Jul 2018After seeing this disastrous results (from Zach), Find X buyers ... moreThis thing brakes like an old biscuit with glass crumbs :))

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2018Trolling of what? Yeah android Face ID it’s just use camera to ... moreso what

  • Anonymous

Chamaproject, 28 Jul 2018U must be trollingTrolling of what? Yeah android Face ID it’s just use camera to unlock the phone except Samsung galaxy and note using iris scanner and including camera Face ID aka intelligent scan to unlock the phone. Android doesn’t even support 3D face unlock I’m using S9 plus and iPhone X and I know what I’m talking about it.

Looking at the spam here, getting a bad "review" by the paid YouTube troll Jerry Rigs Even His Name, is a compliment telling you're doing something right. Looks like some other company is once again trying to fix their Notch-so-good X sales with faked social media...

After seeing this disastrous results (from Zach), Find X buyers will be disappointed on the build quality of the phone. Durability to be clear.

More moving parts, more problems.

Luxor, 28 Jul 2018Ok. Apart from getting tired of Oppo Find X I'm also tired of th... moreU just happened post another comment mentioning jerryrig... paradox kind of. ... even this post inspired by ur post is another one mentioning jerryrig

[deleted post]Thats not even opinion. Screaming jerryrigeverything name on every Oppo article is just bullshit.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2018Android Face ID just camera unlock that’s all nothing special l... moreU must be trolling