Oppo VP moves to become Realme CEO, targets global brand expansion

31 July 2018
The subsidiary is following the steps of OnePlus.

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One plus was suppose to be old Realme but slowly it is becoming more like Oppo and Vivo in terms of pricing.

  • Anonymous

They realize that Xiaomi can do wonders, why not.....Love to see this new brand competing with Xiaomi

Hopefully they will boost even more the philosophy of the Find X style...

Doesn't matter, Oppo will make new brand GetReal

Realme trying to go with the cheap phone lineup. Rivaling Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

They stopped production of 3/32 GB variant just after 40 days of realme 1 launch. Very bad

Not sure of thr future of a brand whose name is just a rip off of a competitor... they were so casual while naming it... what effort will they take to make it success? The lone phone they're selling is also a rebranded oppo phone .. not much substance in this so called "brand"

They should enter the Ghanaian market


Bring it to Philippines!

Arthur Ho, 31 Jul 2018Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, imoo and now realme, how many subsidia... moreSubsidiary of subsidiaries.

They should enter the Ghanaian market

Hate it or love it I like the way BBK is doing business. Instead of creating a huge pile of tons of models the way Samsung is doing, BBK is creating alternative brands. That way, they'll just be keeping the fire burning brand after brand. Now Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus are global brands. Last they introduced immo and now Realme.

Arthur Ho, 31 Jul 2018Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, imoo and now realme, how many subsidia... moreI'll just wait for BBK electronics to reach their subsidiaries up to 20 if they can handle that!

So that means Oppo is coming to Eastern Europe? Great!

  • Anonymous


Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, imoo and now realme, how many subsidiaries you need BBK?

  • Andy

I mean if they keep releaseing such powerful phones at such low prices, they'll be successful anywhere. It's not rocket science

Sky Li was the President of Bluboo.
Good to see this company increased their potential marketing in Philippines again, because of "Selfie Expert" ads...

Okay2. Oppo is the "Selfie Expert", while Realme is the budget friendly powerful midrange phone makers.

  • Anonymous

First we need a global brand expansion for OPPO, not a sub-brand...but whatever.