BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X go official with massive batteries

02 August 2018
The phones feature tall screens, dual cameras and run Android Oreo.

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  • Bewildered

Sparkxster, 03 Aug 2018Evolve X with wireless charging would be a good choice for ... moreBlackberry is a fish in a sea of fishes, there is nothing to differentiate it

As soon as the specs are out you can compare it

Whilst BB10 OS is officially dead well at the end of 2019 ( no new apps have been developed / updating existing) BB 10 OS had features

Without a keyboard Blackberry is just another Android, BB on Android didn't bring BB aficionado over.
BB 10 way more secure than Android, indeed Blackberry has to get security updates just like everyone else.

BB 10 has better RAM management than Android, 4Gb RAM would be premium (only 2Gb RAM phones released)
BB 10 on phones is dead but the irony is that it is one secure OS that driverless cars use

Blackberry release phones just like Apple, one per year, so it was viable to have kept it
Many, Many government were more than protected using BB 10, than Android, e.g. Germany bought thousands when it was discovered the NSA were spying on them

Blackberry failure was that it released a phone with a secondary camera in 2013, way too late when you consider Nokia with Symbian the Nokia 6680 was released in 2005.

The Evolve is just another Android touch phone . IPhone are just another touch phone difference it uses IOS, it is the OS that makes the difference.

Finally some if the premium features such as wireless charging are "home" products, how much junk do you have to carry around

Finally on processors I wonder if in 2 year the 845 will be dismissed as a mid range item

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2018I wish they make a phone that can eject the battery with ju... moreYou've made this comment quite a few times

  • Anonymous

I wish they make a phone that can eject the battery with just a push of a button. It would allow us to switch battery in 3 seconds while we put the spent battery to an external charger to recharge. This will allow phone makers to use smaller batteries therefore makes the phone thinner and lighter. It will also silence all the complaints on battery life. They can simply by multiple battery cartridge based on their needs.

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2018Dont you know that will increase the price as well? 660 is ... moreI'm fully aware of that.
What I also do know is that there are cheaper phones with such processors, and BlackBerry's "ultra safe phones" aren't the wet dream they once were; HTC also likes to make phones with dated chipsets at ridiculous prices, yet they don't seem to realize that they aren't the consumer wet dream they once were.
If BB isn't selling to ordinary people, they'll close for good before long.
As we say in Brazil, HTC is dead on the coffin, they just forgot to lay down. BB may well be next. Remember they were forced to abandone their OS already.
Both HTC and BB have two, and only two choices - reduce profit margins via better phones to try to survive and fight another day, or keep their margins and crappy phones and see their numbers encroached by "peasant brands" like Xiaomi and Asus, day in and day out.
Reality is a bitch - either you're Apple and sell your phones at ridiculous prices or you're other brand and must suck it up with lower profits to survive.
I don't like Apple, but they're doing very well. How long before their business model will make it the new Kodak I don't know, but so far they've been doing great.

  • Anonymous

Wow blackberry design really nice

These sound like really nice phones. I know a lot of people complain that Blackberry doesn't have a high end phone which is true, but how many people are in the market for $1,000 USD phones? Who really needs a phone with 5 lenses (LG V40)? All of this, "thinnest phone ever" is garbage. All glass is garbage. Launch an updated Blackberry Bold, little bit bigger, no tool belt, running 8.1, 2 cameras, NFC, wireless charging (remember the Palm Touchstone?) and sell that for $399 USD.

I like the way these Evolves look; someone can hold onto it without fumbling it. You can lay it on a table without worrying about destroying the camera lens. A battery that lasts all day. The price is good too. Too bad it is only going to be offered in India.

  • Kangal

Socalteknique, 02 Aug 2018I stopped reading at Snapdragon 660...Why, did you want them to insert the overused QSD 625 instead?

The way I see it:
1/10 - EU 100 - QSD 430 = 28nm (a505), 4x 1.4GHz A53
2/10 - EU 150 - QSD 625 = 14nm (a506), 4x 1.5GHz A53 + 4x 2.0GHz A53
4/10 - EU 250 - QSD 636 = 14nm (a509), 4x 1.8GHz A53 + 4x 1.8GHz A73
6/10 - EU 300 - QSD 660 = 14nm (a512), 4x 1.8GHz A53 + 4x 2.2GHz A73
7/10 - EU 350 - QSD 710 = 10m (a616), 6x 1.7GHz A55 + 2x 2.3GHz A75
8/10 - EU 450 - QSD 835 = 10nm (a540), 4x 1.9GHz A53 + 4x 2.4GHz A73
10/10 - EU 550* - QSD 845 = 10nm (a630), 4x 1.8GHz A55 + 4x 2.8GHz A75

Not that OEMs are playing ball and passing savings or increasing performance for the consumer. Instead they are over-charging and synthetically reducing performance to give themselves headroom for "next years model" sidegrade.

*all based on Germany prices which are the most median prices, representative of the international market

Barricade, 02 Aug 2018Now that's not Europe is it. So my €400 pricepoint for SD66... moreThe prices are in line with US for some brands like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei/Honor but others like OPPO and ViVo not so much like OPPO F7 128GB cost PKR 50000 thats $406 while OPPO F7 cost $350 in US IIRC while Honor 10 cost PKR 56000 thats $455 almost exactly how much it cost in US

Evolve X with wireless charging would be a good choice for US release.

I personally like the key2 better.

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2018Blackberry finally realized they can't charge ridiculously ... moreIts still ridiculosly priced.

  • ML

Handsome phones, will consider buying one.

LG Superfan, 02 Aug 2018PakistanNow that's not Europe is it. So my €400 pricepoint for SD660 still stands. But Pakistan is right next to India so I suppose your price is probably more correct and in line with the Indian economy.

Barricade, 02 Aug 2018What country are you from? 300 is a steal for the Nokia 7 P... morePakistan

  • Anonymous

$500 is nice, hit battery life good and has features

For that amount of money, I would rather buy the Nokia 8 ( 2108 version) or if you enjoy big phone, then the xiaomi mi max 3 with the 6GB of RAM + the 128GB are still selling less than this phone ( like around 350 to 380 ).

  • Anonymous

Blackberry finally realized they can't charge ridiculously high prices for midrange specced devices

  • Socalteknique

I stopped reading at Snapdragon 660...

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2018Dont you know that will increase the price as well? 660 is ... moreLol with those prices, their target market included literally "ZERO" customers!

exactly! this phone should come with Snapdragon 710, instead of s660. It is really old to me now.