ZTE unveils limited edition Camouflage nubia Red Magic

02 August 2018
The RGB light strip on the back is joined by graphical elements that have been etched with an ultraviolet laser.

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Easily one of the sexiest paintjob on phones that came out this year.

  • Anonymous

Not bad design for a chinee gaming phone

dvxgftdh, 03 Aug 2018s835? No, thanks zte.For $365, a big YES. Who else selling flagship gaming phone that cheap.

Absulutely beautiful. The only downgrade is lack of SD845, memory expansion.

Beautifully different.

So nice to see a phone that looks a bit different.

  • dvxgftdh

s835? No, thanks zte.

oooooh mama so sexy.

  • Anonymous

and here i thought the Red Magic was a stillbirth. nice

Looking at this, and you just want to say. Why would people wanted me to pay 5xx USD for the new BB phone with SD6xx series when this one came with last year flagship chip, and still selling cheaper?

recruta, 02 Aug 2018I think that devices with this sort of design will be more ... moreOnly gaming phones, which I hope become popular and bring this beautiful color option

  • Anonymous

Please review the z18 mini !!!

I think that devices with this sort of design will be more common.