Moto Z3 debuts with fingerprint scanner on the side, 5G mod

02 August 2018
It still works with MotoMods and Verizon will launch a 5G one for the phone next year.

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SZTadir, 02 Aug 2018So, Motorola Z3 Play was 500$, but Z3 (the flagship) is 480... moreIt just that factories that making those flagship chipsets will discontinue making them and start making new latest chipsets. Thats why old flagship chipsets usually never appear after a year. Have to do with lack of factories and one factory usually focus on one fabrication process. Making 10nm or 7nm and so on. In with the new, out with the old.

gohelvishalp, 03 Aug 2018I didn't notice any performance diffn between 835, 845 i ha... moreYou may not be able to find any difference but at this price point a lot of buyers are very discerning and seeing an older processor being used will turn away a lot of buyers to other models..

So IMO lenovo made a mistake using sd835 in 2018 for a flagship device.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2018Moto Z3 is copying previous Sony Xperia Z5 - XZ1 models for... moreit is probably motorola who had the patent in US and why sony had to disable their sensors in US for a long time. not sure tho but motorola has way too many patents

gohelvishalp, 03 Aug 2018I didn't notice any performance diffn between 835, 845 i ha... moreThe OnePlus 5 is simply more efficient because it is powering a smaller less brighter display, I have OP5 and my bro has an OP6 there is no real world usage difference but i cannot play PUBG at max settings,there are enough dips in fps for me to notice on my op5(not that i want to tho[extreme settings ftw]). But that is the reality not everyone wants to play games at smooth+extreme some people would actually prefer max+high

The fact that this phone costs more than the z3 play, like how does that make sense in any way!?!?

I didn't notice any performance diffn between 835, 845 i have both oneplus 5 and 6, even my oneplus 5 battery is. More efficient than 6

Why no coverage on the moto one and one power?

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Motorola, I would rather you create a mod that adds the headphone jack and USB Type-C port that adds additional 500mAh battery for BOTH Z3 Play and Z3. Please don't overprice this mod. Make it a reasonable price for those who do not want to use Bluetooth headphones.This mod is useful for those with previous gen Moto Z devices so that users won't feel the loss of the world's most popular headphone jack.

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Moto Z3 is copying previous Sony Xperia Z5 - XZ1 models for side fingerprint sensor. Will Sony Mobile sue them for this?? Check out next week for Sony Mobile sues Motorola for patent infringement. (sarcasm)

Hard to believe that premium handset with a year old SoC.
There are two possiblities:
- another flagship has to be in working with SD 845, which may be announced at IFA.
- MOTO may be working on altogether a new flagship to replace Z series. That may be with SD 855 SoC and is planned to amongst first devices with the latest SoC announced at the beginning of the year.

One of the above two things have to be in place.
No established company would play such, unless some backup is in place.

However, with rate of appx $500 it's not a bad deal. Rates are just bit higher than Moto z3 play. I doubt if there would be buyers for z3 play.

Mike, 02 Aug 2018Is this a joke or what? This is supposed to be Motorola fla... moreActually. In aperture it's the opposite, high aperture is bad in low light and LOW aperture is good.

No SD845 is DOA for me.

ExperiencedUser, 02 Aug 2018Did Sony not have a gigantic Patent Issue with the fingerpr... moreThe issue wasn't about side mounted fps, it was about the fps being integrated into the power button.
In this phone, the power button is on the left, and the fps is on the right.

it, 03 Aug 2018it is better that the finger print scanner would be at the m logoNot possible to use it while the motomod is stuck on the back.

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Old Model

Motorola, owned now by LIENOVO.

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it is better that the finger print scanner would be at the m logo

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Z3 SD835, Z3 force845.
Btw unlike other phone only deploy new chip & new camera chip every tear, at least moto mod5G bring capability 5G to moto z 2016

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stanley77, 02 Aug 2018it looks like it wasnt announced prepared motorola flagship... moreI hope that's the case here. If this is the flagship itself, it will be very disappointing.

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Anonymous, 03 Aug 2018I thought an SM855 was required for 5G? The mod won't upgra... more Nah. Do you Apple will use a Snapdragon 855? Apple is however going to be releasing 5G products.