Red Hydrogen One arrives at AT&T and Verizon on November 2, pre-orders ship on October 9

07 August 2018
The much hyped smartphone with a holographic display has been delayed once more.

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is it from motorola ?

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    • ytx
    • 08 Aug 2018

    Android users sure love $1000+ phones

      Just wow, can't wait to see review, here some fresh innovations in mobile realm. Future apparently is almost here :)

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        • Jkb
        • KSE
        • 08 Aug 2018

        For sure most user will feel dizzy after using this phone

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          • Kxb
          • 08 Aug 2018

          I am curious with the holographic screen. Hopefully, it doesn't like the screen on LG Optimus 3D or HTC evo 3D.

            The concept of this Phone started Leaking since 2016... Even the back side Photos were surfaced since then... And all the leaks were so tempting...

            But this Phone doesn't matches with the 2018 standards at all... With so many delays they should have worked upon design and hardware as well...

            The Price Tag even such steep that I doubt anyone is interested to buy it... This Phone is going to be stuck till reviews only...

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              • AnonD-762416
              • JbS
              • 08 Aug 2018

              Whelp. It sure looks different.
              Not sure if I'd call it a design, though.

                Kangal, 08 Aug 2018This phone flopped before even getting released. I mean al... moreThat's true. I mean, look at the xiaomi black shark. It was hype up, and now? People already forgetting it, and if you don't play mobile game a lot, you won't even know about the phone!

                  holographic screen and a special camera?
                  But, It is gonna be a 2 year behind smartphone when it finally reach to people!

                  Seriously! Unless they designed to upgrade the chipset before sending out the phone to people, otherwise this phone is came with high price and a much dated hardware.

                  Also, about that holographic screen, it is a always like that or it is like how Nintendo's 3DS Naked eyes 3D function that trigger by a button ( or something like that). And, such a function ( or always there) probably going to drain the battery very fast too( so if it is a function, you would probably wanted it to turn it off).

                  So now, what's left for the phone that cost more than 1k with a 2 YO specs ?

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                    • IsY
                    • 08 Aug 2018

                    Will they delay it until 2019?

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                      • aja
                      • 08 Aug 2018

                      With a year's delay, the least they could do is a little discount >.>

                      I wanted to see the screen in action. But I guess the answer is more waiting.

                      It might've been a better idea imo to release the phone and deliver promised content via upgrades, which might have pleased many, but that's me ranting.

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                        • Kangal
                        • RN8
                        • 08 Aug 2018

                        This phone flopped before even getting released.
                        I mean all it had going for it was hype, nothing actually practical, and that hype has long blown. I suspect a similar fate may fall upon the ASUS RoG Phone if it is not released soon at a sane price with availability for the phone and accessories.

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                          • r7b
                          • 07 Aug 2018

                          dvdivx, 07 Aug 2018The fact that they haven't been showing off real footage sh... moreThat's not a gaming-centric thing. That's a multimedia experience phone. The main thing being the holographic screen.

                          But lack of "teasing" with any real life content is indeed a bad sign. Search Magic Leap The Register to see what I mean

                          And for the price, it's better to be at least on par with cheaper competitors. A holographic screen with restricted content is not going to win the hearts of buyers if that's 2x the price of a better specced phone

                            Other than the "gotta have it because it is different and I have more money (or debt) than brains....why bother?

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                              • D0i
                              • 07 Aug 2018

                              Dude, 07 Aug 2018vaporwareAesthetics

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                                • 07 Aug 2018


                                  The fact that they haven't been showing off real footage shot with the phone is a bad sign. Small screen + gimmick camera is not a gaming phone or anything else great. The last true gaming android was from nvidia. This phone just looks like a Verizon wantabe

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                                    • 07 Aug 2018

                                    paco2x, 07 Aug 2018Sadly this kind of innovating stuff is not that popular amo... moreIts always the price

                                      No thanks. This company has already proven to have terrible customer service and the phone has outdated specs. I literally see no reason to purchase this phone over the great options available today.

                                        Sadly this kind of innovating stuff is not that popular among consumers... the 3D LG phone, dual screen Yotaphone, Robin Nextbit cloud phone and even Essential phone or the PH-1 looked very innovative but now the company is struggling and probably won't have any successor. Probably bad execution and technical and practical limitations are the motive for the unpopularity.