Samsung Galaxy Note9 goes live with better S Pen, bigger battery and screen

09 August 2018
The baseline Galaxy Note9 has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but you can have up to 8GB/512GB.

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It's here, and as expected, this year we shouldn't expect a big design change

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    • 09 Aug 2018

    3D Memories, 09 Aug 2018The beast is here! The best and the most complete phone of ... morecheck check check check check check

      So, this is basically the S9 Plus with a stylus, some design changes and some software improvements. I understand why rumors are saying that they might merge the S and Note lineup.
      This is not a bad phone though.

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        • 09 Aug 2018

        My Huawei mate 10 pro already has 128 internal memory, 6 RAM, connecting to TV as a computer, super shooting ... Samsung is behind the technology! Go huawei to mate 20 pro!

          The beast is here! The best and the most complete phone of 2018 - early 2019
          Here are my 5 picks why Note 9 is the complete phone
          1. No notch
          2. Headphone jack
          3. The best AMOLED screen (Samsung's OLEDs have the most accurate colour reproduction)
          4. Big battery
          5. The best camera with best 12 second super slow-mo
          6. S-pen

            Waiting to see if this one doesn't explode. Meanwhile lemme grab my popcorn :)

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              • 09 Aug 2018

              Main camera an eye sore samsux can't design