Renault Twingo comes in Nokia flavor

05 Oct, 2007
The Nokia 6110 Navigator is to land right where it belongs, as Renault and Nokia team up to launch the Twingo Nokia special edition. The car will draw on the Nokia 6110 Navigator's full navigation...

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  • Anonymous

haha yeh proberly why i cant get them into my store for like ever! bloody renualt!!!!

  • Sarodien

nice car indeed,way to go nokia we all proude to be fans.fantastic work.

  • Shane

This is probably why Nokia cannot supply the 6110 in Australia at the moment for approx 6 weeks, too busy hooking up with Renault lol.

  • Anonymous

Sound c0ol

  • dimitrios

will they give a nokia6110 if you buy a twingo or a twingo if you buy a nokia6110?

  • SeF

It reminds me of the smallest cellphone car in the world: the SE 4 year old Bluetooth CAR-100!

  • Anonymous is going to team up with car companies to boost their "technology"?

  • Dani


Nokia Twingo LMAO

dumb idea ........

  • Joel Trochez

The TWINGO have a good line, I like the nokias and i have a
renault and i say this renault like me......

  • Anonymous

i think its a cool concept other car companies will be coming out with such kinda of things soon.

  • fox

i remember the old nokia 6110 (chameleon body year 2000) quite a nice phone and a sexy looker. I would rather buy that... and its cheaper.

  • Zobi

I think it's cool. I wouldn't buy a twingo, but if i did I'd rather get the nokia edition than the plain old one.

  • spareme

spare me,are you gonna get lost in the city or country that you've lived all your life in?gimme a break,as if the road signs in most European countries aren't clear enough.Plz,don't turn consumers into mere dumb beasts!

  • Lightside

What has the world come to ..? For a Renault Twingo the phone must have had at least 10 megapixel quality on the camera device.. What a DUMB ideea..listen to the user opinions, my friends, for those matter the most.

  • danIel

Renault&Nokia partnership???LoL:))) i sounds....weird.:))))i don't know who will buy a car because of these features...i will laugh for a very long time if thei switch the renault sign an put near it NOKIA wrote bigger than renault and a phone near it i will laugh for daysss:)))))))))))