Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Emerald Green unveiled

10 August 2018
The phone is inspired by precious stones and was developed in cooperation with the Dunhuang Academy.

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Anonymous, 15 Aug 2018Of course it doesn't matter mister, and I wouldn't give a toss. ... moreTrue. Not gonna lie though, I imagined you as a young squeaky british anime character who's secretly evil when i read that XD

  • Anonymous

Walter C. Dornez, 11 Aug 2018Does it matter who was first?Of course it doesn't matter mister, and I wouldn't give a toss. I was merely replying to another post, right?

  • Jimbob of Jonestown

I guess you can always get a case emblazoned like so, but I gotta say I'd have loved if they made it super traditional.

Jade green with gold accents is a really nice colour combination - and if it had oriental dragons all over it, that'd be seriously kewl. The images seem to suggest a more... buddhist motif, which I'm not opposed to, but I do like the idea of a Chinese made phone with a Chinese-significant colouring like Jade (which again is just a really nice colour) with the synonymous-with-China Dragons emblazoned on it.

Neato, anyway!

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2018Or more likely the (Haters don't start again) Sony coloursDoes it matter who was first?

  • Anonymous

Good launch date, after Note 9

Oh! Now that's beautiful. Good looking color and I want one.

Bring the 3.5mm on this phone I'll buy it

  • Anonymous

wow my favourite color

Great colour. Masculine. Be great to see a bit more use of the colour pallet in phones generally but not the bright lollipop colours/

  • Anonymous

S Yu, 10 Aug 2018Or just inspired by S6E's Emerald Green?Or more likely the (Haters don't start again) Sony colours

Gorgeous color with a beast performance for affordable price. What a great combination...

  • Anonymous

The samsung s6 edge's Emerald Green looks better.

Damn that color blinded me with its beauty I cant think of a color more or equally beautiful as this

Or just inspired by S6E's Emerald Green?

Cheguev, 10 Aug 2018This one is so damn beautiful ! If I wouldn't be waiting for the mi mix 3, i'd buy this on the spot.

  • Cheguev

This one is so damn beautiful !

  • Anonymous

Chinese Dragon skin. Beauty

A beast of the phone already,under the bonnet..It was beautiful in black colour but with this green variant..marvelous!This is how the modern phone should look like..Xiaomi,great job..

  • †

That's one beautiful phone

My God that rare color!