Counterclockwise: an abridged history of LG's phones

12 August 2018
First phone with a capacitive touchscreen, first dual core CPU, first QHD screen, first usable dual camera... and yet LG Mobile struggles.

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  • cai fu

LG G4 doesn't have fingerprint reader.

  • Houdini

LG is great in innovation and hardware, what's lacking is the software support/update.

For me the correct formula is:

Sales= Hardware+Innovation x Software support.

  • Red

Sony has slipped in recent years. Their DLP Tv's were subject to a class action lawsuit & their LCD TV's were notorious for bad panels (screens)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018Sony isn't leader anymore. But no any phone is smooth like ... morewhat do you mean? i work at a mobile phone shop and sony has the most software issues out of all android... so much bugs in their system. Most stable android software imo is samsung or htc

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2018I like underdogs too. Samsung was an underdog brand 10 year... moreSony isn't leader anymore. But no any phone is smooth like Sony. Can't beat Sony's optimized software.

  • Vishal

The Lg G4 did not have a finger print sensor.

My first phone from LG is LG G2. Soon after that I have used G3, G4, V10, G5, V20, G6. I skipped the V30 because didn't see to upgrade from G6. Until G7 ThinQ. If the V40 ThinQ didn't have attractive featuresto look for, then i just skip to G8 ThinQ.

  • Anonymous

lg g4 dose not have any fingerprint reader!!!!!!

G4 don't have fingerprint scanner. Get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 12 Aug 2018I've owned three LG phones - G3 Beat, G5, V20. My favori... moreI like underdogs too. Samsung was an underdog brand 10 years ago, when Sony was considered a leader in mobile phones. How things have changed.

  • Vi-Q

LG G6 is my first LG
at first it use Nougat 7.0
it dual camera is awsom
now it's upgraded to oreo 8.0
and become LG G6 ThinQ
it have very nice UI user experience
and the dual camera
become more awsom
nice job lg

  • HossELBoss

You forgot the GD900 "The transparent phone"

  • laki

you fogot lg l serious also

  • Anonymous

A flagship with removeable battery and sd card slot??

  • Anonymous

Flagship without stereo speakers in 2018 is ridiculous.

If LG was a chinese copycat Apple wannabe brand I would understand, but no LG is a company that wants to be #1 in their country South Korea.

  • David44

You forget the SHINE

My experience with LG was mainly t
with tablets, their Gpad 7 had amazing features for the price and solid support compared to rivals (speaking in my country, as your experience may vary).

The G2, 3 and 4 offered some of the best camera features of their time.

But it always seemed LG wasn't focusing on phones as much as other departments.
I've owned LG washing machines, TVs and other electronics, all offer almost unparalleled features for the same price of other manufacturers' products, and sometimes cheaper. Also their solar panels are among best in class if not a market leader.

It isn't that LG can't be best in phone market today, it just feels that they can but don't want to.

May 25, 2015 - LG G3 Beat
February 17, 2017 - LG G5 (Sprint)
May 2, 2017 - LG V20
October 6, 2017 - LG G5 (RS988)

I've been fortunate to never experienced a bootloop with any of my LG phones. I've had it reboot a few times but that happens with almost every phone I ever had including iPhone where it would turn off and on randomly. I actually had more problems with two of my HTC One M7 than I ever experienced with any of my LG phones. My G3 Beat is pretty much retired since it only has 3G speeds. I use my G5 as my main phone for tethering/phone/text. It has the loudest speaker. I use my V20 as my browser once I arrive home.

Surprisingly, my 2nd favorite smartphone of all-time behind my G5 is the Apple iPhone SE. I'm an Android Guy all the way. I need my torrent apps and more open platform. But the iPhone SE is really a solid phone even though its only drawback is iOS' restrictions and limitations. My favorite iPhone ever. I would rather have seven of them than one iPhone X.

If my LG smartphones ever die on me, I might get another G5 because I love that model so much or might get a V30 because it looks very sexy. Or I might give a chance to Sony. My daily drivers will only rotate between Pixels, LGs, and Sonys. Maybe Nokia too. Motorola will always be for cheap throwaways. Not interested in the Chinese anymore or BlackBerry physical keyboards. As much as I enjoy my SE, I can never have my daily driver ever be an iPhone. Inferior for tethering, no torrent apps, and no app to block unknown callers.

I've owned three LG phones - G3 Beat, G5, V20.

My favorite smartphone of all-time is the LG G5 (RS988). Underrated. I don't think LG is perfect by any means. My G3 Beat lagged from the skin and entry-level weak SoC with only 1GB RAM. But it excelled in everything else for the price. My V20 also lags and has image retention which gets annoying. My first G5 from Sprint was really bad with image retention. My currrent unlocked G5 has image retention but not as badly as my previous G5 or V20.

Overall, I like LG more than HTC. I think HTC beats LG in design and build quality but LG excels in more areas for my taste. The LG backup system is a favorite of mine as well as the wide-angle lens. Just too bad LG is now following the trends with glass backs, sealed batteries, and notches. As always, there are no perfect brands that you can 100% trust. Every one of them will have flaws and make mistakes in their history.

Why do I like my G5 more than my T-Mobile V20? The UI feels faster and smoother for some reason. I kept it at Marshmallow as my previous G5 was updated to Nougat and made it a tiny bit worse in battery life and added glitches. My V20's image retention is more frequent and it gets really annoying when watching videos and I see the ghosting. V20 also gets hotter when tethering.V20 seems to CPU throttle more from the heat, hence, the more lag.

Would I ever like Samsung more than LG? Nope. I just prefer rooting for the underdog brands like LG, Motorola, and Sony. I find Samsung and Apple smartphones vastly overrated and overpriced. I've owned many brands and Samsung and Apple don't deserve to be ranked in the Top 3.

  • Agus3260

There isn't a word about the sound or the quad DAC for the latest top of the line smartphones...