BlackBerry KEY2 LE specs and photos are out

11 August 2018
It's a downgrade in almost every aspect compared to the original KEY2.

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  • Mahmoud

Aslipundit, 13 Aug 2018This is a phone with a dedicated hardware keypad and is bui... moreYou are right

This is a phone with a dedicated hardware keypad and is built for business users/professionals who send and receive mails all day. This is not your average Xiaomi or Oppo phone that looks the same and functions the same.

Adding a hardware keypad costs money. Adding a trackpad costs money. Adding customized software costs money. If you do not see the value in this phone, you are not the target audience. If you are on snapchat, whatsapp and FB all day, this is not the phone for you. If you do not need the hardware keypad, this is not the phone for you.

You can buy literally millions of other phones with all the features you want. Why come here and piss on our parade?

Looks great. Looking forward to seeing pricing.

I think my last BB phone will be Keyone. I can't upgrade anymore since Blackberry cannot improve their succeeding phone models. Fine... they have improved the keypad on Key2 but they just put two lenses on the back camera without improving it and comes with a high price. I don't understand BB strategy, how can they attract new customers and sell their security features as they say when they continue on making ugly, bulky and lo specs phones.

  • Anonymous

musiyyab, 11 Aug 2018What mean by LELight Edition

  • Mario

No need Qwerty

What an insane world we live in.
The crazy thing about cheaper phone model is that the concept is broken from the get-go.
With very high profit margin per flagship phone, when you talk cheaper phones, the executives never like it...
When a phone cost $200 to manufacture, and sells for $650, there is not much room to save cost in components and yield a significant enough price drop to entice consumers without dipping in the profit margin.

All the components downgrade here barely saves $50 from total cost. Yet, consumer would expect the phone to sell for $350 to $400... Yet, even for $500, executives would say it is too much of a compromise, unless they can sell 3x the amount of phones. (and for a $400 price, they would require 5x more sales). And let's face it, that is not happening.

Realizing this, I never get excited about a "lite" phone ever again, unless it is coming from the likes of Xiaomi or Huawei.

Better wait for flagship discounts

  • musiyyab

What mean by LE

  • Anna

Android Pie is already out & BB KeyOne is still stuck at Nougat 7.1.2. Despite stock Android, BB is doing their beta testing for Oreo update for ages. Key2 & Evolve prices are too high as usual. I am sure BB will launch this phone around $400.

  • Anonymous

IndiaGotSmartphones, 11 Aug 2018At this point of time BB is an irrelevant company. Their id... moreYou know what else most people don't care about?

India lmao

  • Anonymous

Was really looking forward to this lite/budget qwerty phone but the no trackpad turned me off. With the screen way up there its awkward to reach for it coming from the keypad.

  • IndiaGotSmarphones

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2018Seriously, who are they trying to fool?No one is getting fooled by their tactics. BB themselves are the fools.

  • IndiaGotSmartphones

At this point of time BB is an irrelevant company. Their idi*tic pricing of Evolve and Evolve X in India indicates the same.Most people here don’t care about security or seeing all their meesages at one place(BB Hub). Most also don’t care about DTEK stuff.Do some market research BB.
People want the best bang for their buck and unless BB can quickly figure out how to do the same, they to will be going the HTC way (waving goodbye to second largest smartphone market in world).

  • Anonymous

Seriously, who are they trying to fool?

Only BB loyalists will love this phone a lot.