Android Pie breaks fast-charging for some 2016 Pixels

13 August 2018
If you're experiencing this, submit your experience to this Google Issue Tracker page.

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  • 15 Aug 2018

Having fun yet with stock android? If this stock android pie already have charging problem I cant expect skinned android to adopt it any sooner. The problem is at the core android itself. Lets be patience and stop blaming oems why the update is so slow. Perfection is better than rushed.

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    • 14 Aug 2018

    TeleSPb, 14 Aug 2018And me, a fool, just bought an OG Pixel in the end of June.... morePixel 2 does not have a headphone jack. You are much better off with Nokia 7 Plus with the jack and microsd slot included, comes with the same pure android experience.

      And me, a fool, just bought an OG Pixel in the end of June.
      Soon I'll be left sitting on a software-wise destroyed phone? Perhaps I'll be given a Pixel 2 or money back whether something happens. There's no way I'll be getting Pixel 3 for atleast two years.

        They should have waited one month later, even if it's their own smartphones...

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          • 14 Aug 2018

          Whackcar, 14 Aug 2018Google desperately wants it's users to upgrade their phones... moreTo add on, Pixel 3 uses gestures instead of the already working software buttons. Google is simply forcing Pixel 2016 owners to upgrade, adopt to gestures ONLY on Pixel 3. Not forgetting, Google wants Pixel 2016 owners to live without the convenience of the headphone jack when they upgrade to Pixel 3. In conclusion, Google, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

            Google desperately wants it's users to upgrade their phones to the upcoming Pixel 3 XL, that's why they're creating new problems for the older pixels. Personally, i don't think many people would buy the Pixel 3 XL due to that ugly oversized notch.

              There was even a report of a Pixel 2 that charged slowly when powered off, but not when powered on. Same is happening to my G2 since 3 days and Im using the same software I've been using since 4 years

                And people brag about getting latest update fastest even when they have lots of bugs, its better to skip 9.0 to 9.1 or wait atleast 3 months to make sure some bugs are fixed

                  nik.007, 14 Aug 2018And still people prefer Stock Android over Custom UIs', bec... moreExactly. Using stock Android (especially the one on Pixel/Nexus phones) is like being a tester for never-ending beta software. Samsung's UI gets highly criticised as being slow in terms of OS update but is actually one of the most stable one around.

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                    • 14 Aug 2018

                    Well, i thought this kind of problem only happen on samsung products, lol.. samsung is famous for this kind of issue with mostly midrange (sometimes innflagship too) slowly charging after less than 6months usage

                      And still people prefer Stock Android over Custom UIs', because, you know, "Stock Android is the best, most stable, with no bugs". Smh

                        Everyone goes crazy for new updates.. Most of them don't even know what's new in latest versions but want them. This happen when you can't hold your horses. That is why I never get a OTA when its pushed wait for month or so see all poor early insallers(poor beta testers) feedback and then install it.
                        On the other hand it bad to see a premium phone having this type of major bug. I know every phone manufacturer miss few bugs in final release but this is too hard to miss. Won't Google test them? I really wonder.!

                          Google Pixel is a iPhone Wannabe with low specs unoptimized software, slow UI and Great camera....but not video :)

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                            • 14 Aug 2018

                            No problems on my pixel XL.

                              thats what you get with a newly released version, dangerous bugs and glitches. i got no issues with a late update with bug free features rather than early updates 50-50 results, more like a experimental software

                                And you want Android Pie as soon as possible. Patience my friend. Is a virtue.