Motorola P30 is official with SD636 and ZUI 4.0

15 August 2018
The phone looks like the Lenovo Z5 but with an iPhone X-inspired camera design.

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  • Anonymous

who needs that ZUI without updates??

IF there is Zenfone Max Pro M1 available with Android pure
and much bigger 5000mAh battery.

Android Pie already ported and a lots of other c-roms,
if you like that.
I think no other phone has as good comm. support this time.

Thab33f, 15 Aug 2018And Vegetarian MeatYeah and honest politicians.

Is Lenovo just incapable to thinking a bit more creatively about their design?

So this is basically Moto One Power....with ZUI.

Where is Note and Pro version?

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2018Yeah...yeah and all alcohol-free beers too.And Vegetarian Meat

  • Anonymous

Here it is P30 for US market...approved by NSA.

Omnivision camera means no 4K video recording as far as I know. That company is kinda weird.

  • Anonymous

Immobilizer, 15 Aug 2018Ban all SD 4XX series , SD 625, SD 636...I have had enough........ moreYeah...yeah and all alcohol-free beers too.

Hello everyone, My name is Moto P30. I'm the child of Huawei P20 and I was told the Iphone X is my grandfather.

Nice to meet You all... *SHY FACE*

Ban all SD 4XX series , SD 625, SD 636...I have had enough.....mandate the use of SD670 and SD710

Ban all Mediatek SOC

  • Inverted snowhuouV

X=10, iPhone X + Huawei P20 or X/10 + P20 = P30

Rebranded Lenovo Borderless full display Fake phone

  • cyber

what a copy-paste of iphone x and huawei p20...

  • Inverred snowhuouV

iphone x + huawei p20