Mango-running Nokia 710 peeks out of Nokia Developers site

17 October, 2011
With just a nudge over a week to go until Nokia World, another Mango running devices shows up.

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  • 18 Oct 2011

Sun Down, 18 Oct 2011Hope it won't be too generic to differentiate it.You won't be seeing any difference on every Windows Phone 7 devices. They're fully protected (virus free, lol), and fully restricted (variety free).

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    • Sun Down
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    • 18 Oct 2011

    Hope it won't be too generic to differentiate it.

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      • 18 Oct 2011

      Ashura, 17 Oct 2011To me it is a small percentage.10-30% is sa small percentag... moreone out of ten is not a small number.. XD especialy if you figure that there are about 130M android devices sold up to date.. 130 000 000... 10% out of that number is 13 000 000 devices... I don't know by what standards are those small numbers, maybe some chinese standards??.. XD

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        • 18 Oct 2011

        i'm a troll, 18 Oct 2011Haha, all these bashing about OS.. every OS are different..... moreVery nice

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          • 18 Oct 2011

          Peter, 17 Oct 2011I am quite amazed there are still Nokia 'Fan boys' around. ... moreCome on ur seriously claiming that none of the os made by Nokia did not have anything good? Let's take Maemo the base for MeeGo for example. First os ever to have a full flash support and all that other stuff in browser. First os to have pull down menu. First os to have multiply homeschreens... When os has all that first in the world I woud say it's a good os.

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            • 18 Oct 2011

            AnonD-1082, 17 Oct 2011That's a FAIL. You need to run an anti-virus on the backgro... moreTotally incorrect and "malicious" statement, you can write whatever you want but you cannot change anybody elses software... BTW, who do you work for ?


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              • 18 Oct 2011

              Anonymous, 17 Oct 2011Google is dangerous and they manipulate your searches. they... moreany OS can track your position and activity, but only Google have the Matrix to store and use that information effectively. LOL.. may be one of you who read this will be the parent of first Neo. :-D

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                • Gopal
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                • 18 Oct 2011

                i love windows phone....whn android is a verry common is it has china also like micromax spice so i like windows nd nokia....good job nokia

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                  • 18 Oct 2011

                  AnonD-672, 18 Oct 2011lol i think everyone can agree that the iPhone is the most ... moreDude,seriously...??? have no clue what you are talking about...Windows Phone is not the most popular OS in the world.Thats because we don't use Window XP / Windows 7 on Mobile phones,Do we...???...Symbian is still the most used OS in the world,Ofcourse Android will surpass them in no time.

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                    • 18 Oct 2011

                    Anonymous, 18 Oct 2011you have no legs to stand on nokia sucks. Example: Even if ... moreYou wait and see when the virus take your codes to your bank account and emty you savings. It happens every day now for android users!!!

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                      • 18 Oct 2011

                      OS is human made, so it will never be 100% perfectly secure. Even antivirus itself is not enough and it must be complemented with all available security patches. I have experienced in 2004 that unpatched Windows computer with latest-updated antivirus still got rebooted by Sammer virus. Virus attack to smartphones will happen in the future.

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                        • 18 Oct 2011

                        where's nokia product?.....we read all the spec and samsung is already entering a new stage of their product(big screen,high res,new cpu,etc...)...but nokia is just about windows....come on nokia.....

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                          • 18 Oct 2011

                          AnonD-1082, 18 Oct 2011The SGS 2 is the most overhyped device on the planet. The v... morelol i think everyone can agree that the iPhone is the most over-hyped phone in the world.. but the SGSII, while it is a great device with awesome specs didnt live up to the hype given to it.. with further 3rd party dev support, it will be the victor for some time for sure..

                          id like you to show me this "virus" ur talking about.. plz.. yes android had security flaw like all other mobile OSes even iOS did but have u heard of these backdoors being used by anyone? i remember reading in the news paper how S^1 phones were attack with a malicious worm in china... and older nokia phones had SMS nukes.. but that was years ago

                          anyway my conclusion is that you are completely and utterly clueless when it comes to mobiles and the market and especially ur "virus" theory is stupid
                          windows has more viruses then any other os and it the leading os in the world.. figure that one out

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                            • 18 Oct 2011

                            Haha, all these bashing about OS.. every OS are different.. some are really protective/restrictive, some are really open.. no OS is perfectly secure and every one of it bounds to have some security loophole.. i am a nokia fan, and i am thinking of getting the nokia 800 with WP on it, and meanwhile i am using HTC Desire S.. as a user, it's really about making my own personal and informed choice.. that's why i did not choose apple, simply because it lacks many features that i need/want.. and what about android needs more power to run smoothly? HTC recently announced a successor to the sensation line with single core, which is quite a bizzare move since everyone in the android camp has been using dual core.. but i believe it's because there's more than just power, and the makers know that.. in my point of view, variety will just make life better for me, and the number of competitors are just right so it won't really confuse me.. so why the bashing? You don't like it, leave it.. be a little more mature, guys.. what the world has become, when adults behave like kids fighting over whose toys are better..

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                              • AdamBoy64
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                              • 18 Oct 2011

                              I'm looking forward to hearing about a Nokia WP7 phone with a hardware keyboard.

                              That, with a big enough screen, might well bring me back to Nokia.

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                                • 18 Oct 2011

                                Anonymous, 18 Oct 2011you have no legs to stand on nokia sucks. Example: Even if ... moreThe SGS 2 is the most overhyped device on the planet. The virus on an Android phone will not only mess up your phone but also mess up your personal stuff. I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of hacked accounts brought by an Android virus.

                                Android will lose its appeal once the public gets to know it flaws and security holes and it will drive the public towards WP. In the end, there will be a lot of Android phones but no one will be buying them because of its security flaws and the platform will die and suffer the same fate of WebOS.

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                                  • 18 Oct 2011

                                  anin, 17 Oct 2011bcoz its nt like android dude which is a resource eater .. ... moreand will never be for your feature phones

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                                    • 18 Oct 2011

                                    Come on Nokia. Release these already. Ignore the fanboys. They weren't going to buy your products anyway. I'll take WP7 over laggy android any day.

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                                      • 18 Oct 2011

                                      AnonD-1082, 17 Oct 2011That's a FAIL. You need to run an anti-virus on the backgro... moreyou have no legs to stand on nokia sucks. Example: Even if i had a virus on my android phone (I have never seen this), this might slow it down a little, however it would still be faster than any nokia out there even with a virus. Samsung Galaxy S2 is best. Nokia is worst.

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                                        • 18 Oct 2011

                                        Android is for "power user phones"

                                        Phones that need a lot of power to run...Need a lot of GHz to run....Need multiple cores to run smoothly.
                                        Need a lot of RAM to run....

                                        Need 10,000mAh battery to stay turned on....just kidding.