Ethiopians enjoy SMS again

05 Oct, 2007
Ethiopian mobile telephony subscribers will enjoy the benefits of texting again, as the SMS service is back in operation after over a 2-year ban. Text messages may be a key generator of revenue for operators...

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  • Homer Simpson

Come on Boss, you banned sms at the Power Plant too!!

  • Montgomery Burns

Of course if you are in a country such as Ethiopia, where the government is reported to have banned sms as well as some media, why would you think you'd be able to sue any one? Do you think Courts down there work aright? Those who really know the so called Third World really understand the hilarious side of the last comment.

  • Gags

Hhahaahahaa,personally for me I can't immagine how do the operator ban sending msgs if the costumer signed a contract. If I where there I would sude them, for nonfulfillment of the contract terms. And all that sounds so stupid, like a joke!

  • george agduddugwengo

I think all etheopians should be given free o2 sim cards so they can text the moon!

  • Anonymous

oh my god..... no sms and no freedom of speech for 2 years,,, this is obviously anti democrat political situation,,,ppl obviously need freedom of speech---this is an real outright infringement of basic human rights---phew... its for the ppl that such a ban is over...

  • ~SpitFire~

Lol it will be hard to rule the world with a nokia 1200, I wish you good luck and lots of SMS.
Halle Selasie the Great King under Jah Hand didn't want to rule the world, he wanted One Earth One Tribe One Love and the salvation of the African Slaves.

Text until your fingers bleed Etiopia. Freedom of Speech is back on your Mobile.

  • click click woop

At last we ethiopians can use text flirt once more, how happy we are to be able to use such amazing devices such as the nokia 1200 and the 2630. we are so very happy at the decission. power to the ethionians we will rule the world once again......although we still need food phones will make do in the meantime!

  • aloya

what??!! no sms for two years? a phone will be useless if that happen in Malaysia. lol! d-_-b

  • Mavi

Enjoy texting ethiopians! Txtmate

  • Nubian

Good going Ethiopia continue to strive for what you want and for what you believe in.

  • Anonymous

Its about time. What a pity for 2 years getting sms ban is a sad case. Yeah this is essential to help them modernise n improve economy. I bet that 3g network will be available in ethipio for the next 10 years in such a case like this. Lol!

  • Zobi

me first!