Motorola One spotted on GeekBench with Snapdragon 625 and 4GB of RAM

16 August 2018
Motorola's iPhone X clone is coming to global markets soon.

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  • Nikola

My MOT(t)O " copy everything" ;)

  • Shawn Snow

When it was first announced the Moto One was rumoured to a have a SD636 and a 4000ish Mah battery. I've been holding for months for this GD phone to arrive and they pull this garbage iphone clone out of the hat. Long time motorala user tired of having a carrot waved in my face over and over. The x4 may be my last Moto phone.

  • Streetwoft

I like it and hope it will be in Project Fi phone.

625 must be the most manfactured chipset by qualcomm ,like they seen to never seem to run out the stock even after two years

  • Anonymous

Laughable chooser,,dead on arrival

  • Anonymous

I actually like this back, unlike the iPhone X, Galaxy S9, LG G7, or Galaxy Note 9.

I have owned a Motorola Droid Turbo for a long, long time, just waiting for Motorola to create a more modern phone with their signature awesome battery life. I hate the Z line of Moto phones and snap on crap. So as a user of Motorola products since cellulars were created, I was hoping this phone would at least compete with the specs of the LG G7 and Samsung S9 but it doesn't appear they want to. So I'm still waiting to see what the final product will be. The only things that would keep me from getting an LG G7 at this point will be the price point and the inclusion of a large long lasting battery. If not, I will probably leave the Motorola brand behind until they can catch up to the rest of the world again.

  • LLL

Moto X used to be their flagship series but then they saw how Apple stole their thunder with iPhone X. Now they are set to exact revenge by stealing the design. Ouch...

  • xyz

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2018Motorola borrowed some leftover SD625 from Xiaomi. It might... moreIt's good processor, old, but, really battery efficiency (for mid and low end phones).
Because of that, SD 450 is same processor with same adreno gpu, just with 200mhz lower clock.

This direction will tend this Motor Ola into Motor Cycle in near future.

  • Chaddi Man

I am very excited for this one. Wish we had more SD 625 phones.

  • Anonymous

matt99, 17 Aug 2018iMotoYou made my day XD.

  • matt99


  • Anonymous

Ugly asss camera

We have to appreciate if SD 625 is used in low end mobiles instead of SD 450 or other junk processors.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2018a "Power" version with 3000mAh . . . . lol we have... morei didn't count Nokia X6 because Nokia phones can't have unlocked bootloader

  • Anonymous

a "Power" version with 3000mAh . . . .

we have such as 'Nokia X6 / 6.1 Plus' already

  • Anonymous

Motorola borrowed some leftover SD625 from Xiaomi. It might be the most famous SoC of all time behind 810 (because of the heating fiasco).

Moto is comingto an end...

Makes the camera replacement even uglier than iPhone X...