BlackBerry KEY2 receiving the August security patch in North America

18 August 2018
There's got to be more in that 400MB ABE181 firmware build.

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  • vs88

Darnit..and the AndroidOne A2 Lite still "only" July patch

  • Anonymous

AnonD-241270, 18 Aug 2018well, this is the example of mixed/contradictory things, ex... moreOf course a lot of people own and love it. Go, Blackberry!

  • AnonD-241270

well, this is the example of mixed/contradictory things, example:

This is ugly, nobody owns it, nobody cares...still, they receive updates, have support.

Better looking and with better specs (i am talking general, not brand specific) didnt receive them, or if they, is just one or two for entire life...

oh well, the world isnt perfect, phones eighter.

Hope to see qualcomm doing updates to theyr SoC and see some phones lauched with Android O going up to Android V (at least). - OK, just dreaming, brands need money so, this will never happen, even with Pixel phones, and i am not talkin in ROM's, but stock.

BB is doing right but with wrong devices...