Six Apple Watch Series 4 models were registered with the EEC

20 August 2018
They will come out with watchOS 5 and should feature 15% larger screens.

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Anonymous, 21 Aug 2018This watch looks like a cheap toy.not just this one...all Apple Watch do..they persist into stating that it is the most advanced..bla bla bla..when in fact this device (and its siblings) is the most advanced in power leakage, all of this coming from the most innovative and most wealthy company in the world.

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    • 21 Aug 2018

    This watch looks like a cheap toy.

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      • 20 Aug 2018

      siminum, 20 Aug 2018Considering that all their watches have 18 hours battery li... moreElectronic clocks aside, the fact that it cannot survive 24 hours means it should not be called a "watch"
      You have timers, you have a stopwatch

        Anonymous, 20 Aug 2018Any alternatives you suggest???think what a watch is designed for and start there: if you want tons of apps, like Apple is suggesting buy there watch but then I wonder why you have a smartphone if you want to "squeeze" your eyes into a 1.65 inches screen to chat or play a game; if you only want notifications, there are plenty of devices out there with similar capabilities that don't need recharging that often as this device but you also get less apps to choose from. Stop feeling the urge to "feel and touch" your watch....we're not robots nor we are working to pay for apple's hunger for money. Imagine that this device would vanish if it were to be produced into the US. Apple is promoting it to be a very nice for fitness tracking and so on...but let's face it: this is all a marketing heist. There are more producers out there, more renowned in fitness than Apple. This company is simply paying some of their huge "piggy bank" to smile to the camera and say nice things while wearing a device of theirs (others producers are doing it also).The world today needs something else....needs something durable, needs a leap into the future, needs a revolution in many departments and needs to stop paying for something that, in my opinion, should not be produced at all!

          Anonymous, 20 Aug 2018Any alternatives you suggest???Android, the Galaxy watch is wonderful, you can enjoy Gramin. And other watches too. NOT TO FORGET the feeling of FREEDOM!

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            • 20 Aug 2018

            siminum, 20 Aug 2018Considering that all their watches have 18 hours battery li... moreAny alternatives you suggest???

              Considering that all their watches have 18 hours battery life, which means that you need to recharge it every single day which equals to waste of energy, ergo no to environment friendly, why on earth would you call "Apple a very environment friendly company"? Also iPhone is not that power marathoner neither. Why make a device that needs recharging every day? Persistence in stupidity? Not to mention that every single mineral that makes up all the smartphones in the world are found in China...that is why Apple is making their devices there (China owns 95% of the world rare minerals)...transport costs...not to mention very cheap labour...but to state that you have a awesome device and not invest in a better battery....pff...give them money if you want to get robbed