Vertu launch first touch device - the new Constellation

19 October, 2011
Vertu have just launched the Constellation and Constellation Precious - two luxury devices.

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  • jxx
  • 19 Oct 2011

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2011Totally tasteless! Money can't buy class in a lot of cases.... moreMoney also cant buy common sense which you seem to be lacking.

These phones are only for the filthy rich and will hardly ever be seen by the general public. Rappers and Ballers (the people you think you're better than) tend to go for whats hot at the moment so iPhone4s, GS2 or Nexus Prime would most likely be what they'll be using.

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    • J_Ye.Hitchener
    • v}h
    • 19 Oct 2011

    what os would it run, expensive phone like this at lease giving a
    duel core processor, 1g ram
    Symbian belle or meego, or wm7?

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      • D79_
      • n5P
      • 19 Oct 2011

      One word... "Ugly"

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        • Anonymous
        • p8c
        • 19 Oct 2011

        Totally tasteless! Money can't buy class in a lot of cases. Which means it will probably be used by rappers and ballers.

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          • Imran
          • iFn
          • 19 Oct 2011