ZTE Axon 9 Pro pictured in teaser image

22 August 2018
Unlike previous renders we've seen, this one has a notch (along with other changes). 

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wow, new iphone X2 looks very lame

  • Joe Alligator

EnthusiastK, 23 Aug 2018Final nail on ZTE's coffin...The notch. Unless their screen... moreMicroLED. you are joking, why are u judging ZTE with such high standards.. u r just commenting for the sake of being a prick.. buy whatever u feel is your money's worth

  • Ehhh

Looks kinda like your run of the mill huaivopponovomi. Guess we wait for the OS news and price tag. A big fat skin would kill this thing as would stupid price. Kinda seems like they killed the whole ZTE part of the ZTE Axon 9 though.

Final nail on ZTE's coffin...The notch. Unless their screen is MicroLED, nothing else can make me consider the Axon 9. I have other notched uptions currently, OP6, if I need a high quality DAC on a phone, I have LG V30S ThinQ without a notch.

  • Kangal

Devil , 23 Aug 2018Goodbye stereo speakers. Welcome notch... Goodbye higher quality Aluminium housing, welcome cheap, thick, heavy, fragile Glass...

  • Anonymous

Small notch like Mate 20 or no buy

  • Devil

Goodbye stereo speakers. Welcome notch...

The original rumour leak is so many times better than that iPhone ripped off design. Seriously, is every Chinese company going to do this? Unbelievable.

  • Hollyoaks

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2018I was excited for this...but Goddang ZTE let me down. There... moreWhen did zte become your personal genie.

Nevermind the looks....
What about DAC chips in the new Axon 9?Those Asahi Kasei (AKM) chips inside AXON 7 were excellent,maybe some newer version of them inside the AXON 9?

I was this excited, I was extremely EXCITED about the ZTE Axon 9, and GODAMMIT

  • Anonymous

I think i'm gonna focus on main audio smartphone by now,this or mi mix 3 will be my next device

  • Anonymous

I was excited for this...but Goddang ZTE let me down. There is only a number of things that would redeem this:

Front-Facing stereo speakers
MicroSD card
4,000 mAH battery
Pure Vanilla Android
Quad DAC in the headphone jack
QuickCharge 4
Ventilation for gaming
4k60fps recording
Full LTE band support for all US carriers

Myabe THEN, I'll suck it up but for now, Razer 2 is sounding much better...

  • AnonD-784123

Yet again..... Another iPhone clone ..... #sigh

I was excited... But I'm not, another generic smartphone. NEXT!

uncool design, just that is about +10% for yes decision if right, -20% if not, at least for me. Bringing something new for the edges and notch at bottom would help a lot do make phone original, not the same one as what your neighbour got, nothing to get excited... even more if bringing That now

  • Zero

The early design was looking better than the current one.

  • kmb877

Actually this picture was published on GSMarena website on February 12, but the notched was not fashionable a that time...

  • Jack

If that thing is the Axon 9. It could be perfectly called a vulgar clone phone that vaguely could be sold.

  • Anonymous

so far so uninspired... hopefully the non-Pro model brings a more interesting design