Xiaomi ships 32 million smartphones in Q2 2018

22 August 2018
The company reported $2.1 billion profit for its first quarter as a public company.

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Anonymous, 23 Aug 2018and who can check this to nice numbers . . . allways mo... moreAs someone who almost always gets the later batches, my personal opinion is that later batches tend to have better quality. Early batches are the ones that tend to be problematic. Note that this might not be equal across the globe since some phones are not produced in China.

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    • 23 Aug 2018

    and who can check this to nice numbers . . .

    allways more and more reviewers getting units from special 'pre'series.
    Why's that . . . ?

    Shaomi is known for using less quality parts (displays, other cam-sensors etc) later in mass production.

      i think that Pocophones won't be over 5% of that number , xiaomi isn't gonna release it world widely , it will be headed to few markets , but if it went insanely successful , it will be produced for all of the markets , xiaomi is very clever , they don't want to risk everything , they need to work more on their materials and they will be very successful , hats off xiaomi , you've achieved a lot in few years only .

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        • 23 Aug 2018

        tigerbomb1996, 22 Aug 2018i hope xiaomi sell pocophone in indonesiaThere are probably two things happening

        First the pocophone on really tight margins and second this is the SoC used in flagship phones so Xiaomi must have gotten a great deal from Qualcomm.

        Here are the specs for the upcoming Pixel 3 XL , Samsung S9 + and Pocophone


        The Snapdragon 845 flagship chip will in 2020 be the SoC used on mid to mid high phones

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          • 23 Aug 2018

          AnonD-632062, 22 Aug 2018With the Pocophone, those numbers are bound to grow. If the... more3.5mm audio jack is more for low & mid range phone, as for flagship 3.5mm audio jack is irrelevant as most user prefer wireless.

            Anonymous, 22 Aug 2018I bet 70% are redmi Probably.

              Xiaomi MI 8 win!

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                • 22 Aug 2018

                I bet 70% are redmi

                  i hope xiaomi sell pocophone in indonesia

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                    • 22 Aug 2018

                    With the Pocophone, those numbers are bound to grow. If they kept the 3.5 mm jack on all their devices (including higher-end ones), their sales would have probably grown much more further.