Nokia Sabre reveals itself in a live photo, comes with a price tag, too

20 October, 2011
Windows Phone 7.5 Mango-runnig Nokia Sabre live photo surfaces, previous specifications get confirmed

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  • 15 Nov 2011

Nick, 25 Oct 2011it is nothing ridiculous about WP7, try it, and you like

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    • WrentPept
    • svs
    • 09 Nov 2011

    Nick, 25 Oct 2011it is nothing ridiculous about WP7, try it, and you like it.that

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      • Nick
      • ix}
      • 25 Oct 2011

      Anonymous, 24 Oct 2011Windows Mobile 7 has a ridiculous appearance. It looks lik... moreit is nothing ridiculous about WP7, try it, and you like it.

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        • gee
        • tVX
        • 25 Oct 2011

        603 = no front camera
        At least hope this come with Front Camera!!

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          • Anonymous
          • JmQ
          • 24 Oct 2011

          Windows Mobile 7 has a ridiculous appearance.
          It looks like something rescued from the last century.
          Look at the size of these buttons! Can not be serious!
          We will see the famous blue screen too?

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            • Franco
            • N7a
            • 23 Oct 2011

            Anonymous, 23 Oct 2011I'm sorry, but it's very uglyThe beauty doesn't make sense in phone nowadays, the fact is that Nokia finally decided to use another OS than the outdated Symbian, the problem is that wp7 isn't good enough to compete with Android or IOS, too much limitations for obsolete reasons, windows mobile 6.5.3 is far better than the actual version and the interface of the wp7 lacks a home screen wallpaper to suit your family pics, there only a fade imitation of IOS lockscreen that disapears in seconds, still no proper equiliser or sound enhancement in the media players and outdated video codecs, with microsoft zune as only way to transfer your stuffs, existing Nokia customers will just ignore these models as they did for the maemo based devices, better stay on Symbian or try an android to increase compatibility and user customisation

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              • phil
              • uWJ
              • 23 Oct 2011

              nokia claims that it is not possible to launch (microsoft) windows mobile phones at prices that can compete with the android mobile phones.well samsung focus packs pretty good features @ a very reasonable price,even lower than many average android phones today.
              what is your answer to that nokia?!

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                • Anonymous
                • 0Uc
                • 23 Oct 2011

                I'm sorry, but it's very ugly

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                  • AntiBB
                  • NHr
                  • 23 Oct 2011

                  Has there been a 100 %rating on any cellphone,just wondering if you dont like it why rate it?

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                    • Vishal
                    • ut8
                    • 23 Oct 2011

                    Ultimate software comes finally in nokia device.Great!!

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                      • GreekGeek
                      • nmE
                      • 23 Oct 2011

                      I dont Need to Wait for Nokia to release a WP7 to goto that platform. What is so good anyways about Nokia and Wp7 ?

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                        • Mario
                        • mN{
                        • 22 Oct 2011

                        [deleted post]And most certainly it will, long after Android had been dead for ages.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 49H
                          • 22 Oct 2011

                          That's a lot of money for a phone...
                          Especially considering you can get the Iphone and high end androids for the same price.

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                            • Rikimaru
                            • KSB
                            • 22 Oct 2011

                            This will be budget phone so it will have dissappointing spec for some. But for me, i like it. In fact, i like its twin, Nokia 603, but it lack auto-focus. I hope this one has auto-focus camera (so stupid of Nokia to put 5MP w/o auto-focus).

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vFa
                              • 22 Oct 2011

                              what an ugly phone. so how again will nokia differentiate itself from other wp7 out there? let me remind everyone that nokia ditched android because it wants to differentiate itself from the sea of droids. i suggest they bring the price down to 200 euro or less and make it a wp for the masses.

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                                • sam
                                • PDT
                                • 21 Oct 2011

                                screen is not good it can easily break

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0Cb
                                  • 21 Oct 2011

                                  what an ugliness

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                                    • AnonD-16809
                                    • nxi
                                    • 21 Oct 2011

                                    phnokiauser, 21 Oct 2011are you sure that ALL nokia users have shifted to other bra... moreless than 2% smartphone market share speaks for itself...even rim and Motorola has bigger smartphone market share ryt now..

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                                      • kurotsuki
                                      • KLR
                                      • 21 Oct 2011

                                      simple user, 21 Oct 2011you call WP7.x phone alternative to iPhone? seriously? WP 7... moreIn which term that the WP 7 is exact copy of iOS? In my eyes, Android is the one who copy (and copied by) iOS. They are look a-like. WP 7 look and feel already different. WP 7 approach by using hubs to manage various aspect of mobile phone is original. Even Ice cream Sandwich is trying to use the same approach. Simply having same limitation when launched does not make WP 7 copying iOS.

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                                        • Gigi
                                        • MCq
                                        • 21 Oct 2011

                                        Anonymous, 20 Oct 2011You're kidding right? MeeGo Harmattan, i.e. Maemo 6 is 100%... moreMeego failed as a project because Intel couldn't keep up with the chip development. Nokia should have build Meego phones with Intel chips inside(that was the deal!) but intel, as we can all see, haven't managed to produce low power processors for phones, so Nokia found itself building the OS all alone without any help from Intel on the hardware side.