Survey reveals that Android users switch to iOS for a “better user experience”

23 August 2018
iOS users that switch to Android say it’s for “better prices”.

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Anonymous, 24 Aug 2018I think cos it has a long history of annoying fanboys. Back... moreMy phone history since 2010:
iPhone 4, Nexus 4, HTC One, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Essential PH-1
Reading these forums I'm left with the impression that if there was a time when iPhone fanboys trolled heavily it has long since ended. Every iPhone article, however, is certain to be full of Android fanboys bashing and wasting everyones' time.

All of us are living on this planet. To be able to advance further into the future we have to start sharing among us. Design in US, materials from China, built in Vietnam, repaired in Philippines. We have to be able to acknowledge that someone can improve our product and not to suppress this fact by stating that "this can only be done by the designer". If someone in Russia can provide better applications for iOS or Android so be it. Let him do it - perhaps it will be revolutionary and set new standards. If a new medicine will be discovered that can cure many diseases why not share it to the world: want to be remembered like an obtuse company that held everything for itself or like a company who gave 1000% to help humanity?

Android is the way to go. Open source, no locked eco system, do what you want with your phone not what Apple dictates you

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BigBlueYeti, 29 Aug 2018Really, that's incredibly presumptuous of you that because ... moreYou can't do many things in iPhone. But android is feature rich and advanced. Just plug in usb cable and copy your music to phone. Why pay for useless things? You can save some money and buy new android phone next year.

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* Sorry I meant to say Survey, not article.

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Well said BigBlueYeti.

Also the timing of this article with Apple about to release 3 new phones makes me sceptical.
11% of Android users switched to iOS for better prices, Really?

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2018Hate to break it to you, but you can download music and mov... moreReally, that's incredibly presumptuous of you that because I want to copy music to my phone I must have stolen it. So because I have a collection of CDs that I've paid for and have spent countless hours converting them all to mp3 I should then not be allowed to move those files to my phone. I should have to pay for all that music again, and even if we assume $1 per song that is over $5000. Not to mention the 25% - 30% that I wouldn't even be able to find on the standard, generic, one size fits all music services.

And videos. What about videos I've made with my camera and then edited on the PC. I shouldn't then be able to just copy them onto my phone to take with me so I can show people. Or share them with others by then copying them to their computer without the need to use up bandwidth and data, not to mention the incredibly slow transfer rate of using an internet file sharing site.

And lastly as for side loading apps, not all Android apps are kept on Google Play. A lot of enthusiast developer apps from places like XDA are made available to members to be downloaded from the site only. I have a number of these and it is so convenient when I get a new phone to just be able to plug my phone into my PC, copy all the apps across in one go and then install them, rather than have to find them all again on the web.

There are many legitimate reasons to be able to copy files to a phone and only one to block it, and that is copyright violation. But typical modern world, lets punish the 95% of people with many different reasons to use this feature because of the 5% of scoundrels

will75, 24 Aug 2018Well iOS is better over all experience and always will be. Oh really, you can see into the future can you. If you can see so far into the future to know iOS will always be better please tell me the horse that wins the Melbourne Cup this year so I can bet big and retire. Oh and next weeks lotto numbers would be nice too.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2018So you like to tinker with your phone! So Android is better... moreIf doing a simple thing like using a custom ringtone means tinkering, so be it. Honestly, although iOS is good in many things, it sucks when it comes to doing many other simple and obvious things.

Galaxy Note 9, 27 Aug 2018That's why they adopted the "Tax the RIch MORE" strategy by... moreThe world divides between the wealthy and the poor, it has been like this since the early stages of development of our society; the wrong part is that this discrepancy is getting wider and wider (don't know the exact numbers). Focusing to our topic the issues is: Steve Jobs (I will always bow to his genius) founded Mac only to be fired from his own company and then brought him back to save it. There's a very nice interview with him on the internet (Steve Jobs foretold the downfall of Apple - look for this title in YouTube) saying that, when the "marketing" begins to be put ahead of people's need (and this is what's happening to Apple right now...nothing especially new, only nice and polished screens) and the developers (the real people behind the development of a product) receive a smaller importance, it means that the product has reached its maximum potential and begins it's downfall. I am not in any position to dictate Apple's decisions or marketing strategies but, having in mind what this man said, and what it's happening today with Apple I can only say that this man was a visionary, not by what he developed / achieved, but also by what he foretold.

Optimist Prime, 27 Aug 2018I think you have my comment confused with someone else's? I... moreYou do know that there is nothing left of the original java based UI code in current android? That was ditched almost a decade ago. You're also aware that Android basically is a UX on Linux? The code they use for the biggest and most complex server farms as well as tiny things like the Raspberry Pi? If it's badly coded why would they use it for everything like that? Do they throw away all of those Top 500 super computers after six months once the code starts acting up? That sounds like a complete waste of money to me! :)
The only, factually the only, smart phone operating system known to throttle and lag after six months is iOS. Deliberately to sell new models. That is a fact you can try to lie your way around as much as you like. ;)

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Anonymous, 24 Aug 2018Why does GSMArena not do a proper comparison. That would br... moreYou talk so much rubbish it's unbelievable. To the bin with your hateful comments!

(Please can you state a fact if we are to go by facts and not YOUR opinion which is what you're using. #Contradiction)

siminum, 27 Aug 2018as far as I know, not a single entity runs a survey without... moreThat's why they adopted the "Tax the RIch MORE" strategy by charging more and more every iteration of their flagship mobiles now taking it to obscene $1400 in many places outside USA. This is set to increase further as their adoption levels to go further down as Android OEMs just throw flagship specs at dirt cheap prices in volume markets....They will squeeze further from their LOYAL customers until they could not take it further! After that Apple will become a true LUXURY Brands like Leica and Hasselblad where the prices will go astronomical while adoption will be limited few millionaires across the globe keeping it in their show cases...

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2018The article specifies that PCMag ran the survey, using goog... moreas far as I know, not a single entity runs a survey without being paid for or gain something; PCMag has enough articles to write about in terms of IT than to stir things in the smartphone comunity - although it may look that no one is behind this article, it has been ordered. If you care to look at the bigger picture, and what's bothering Apple, is that, starting 2009 when iOS held 14.4% vs 3.9% Android, at the end of 2017 things look very different: iOS 14% while Android is 85.9%, with each year in between this range, iOS lost, never manage to gain more than 19.1% and that was in 2012. Since then...constant downfall (with a marginal increase in 2015 by 0.51% from the previous year). All of this is public information which hurts Apple and that is why they did (not in your opinion) ordered this Survey.

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Dr. Chillo, 27 Aug 2018My point is, iOS is not any easier than Android. It totally... moreAndroid is million times more comfortable and user friendly.

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shukafu, 27 Aug 2018better user experience! - 3.5mm headphone jack removed ... moreUSB port is better than serial/parallel ports. And wireless is better than wired.
Stop living in the past and enjoy the advancements in technology. Embrace them!

better user experience!
- 3.5mm headphone jack removed
yes!! its for better user experience!

Duck of death, 24 Aug 2018The oxymoron arguments to discredit Android by iOS users ar... moreI think you have my comment confused with someone else's? I was criticising the Android software. I didn't criticise the hardware. I was pointing out that Android, originally designed to be a cheap alternative for Smartphone users, is very badly coded. As a result it requires very high specs to run, meaning the cheaper phones are little better than paper weights after a few months.

Even an Windows i phone or Firebird OS is better than IOS.

Android is 1000000000000000 times user friendly than apple bloat.
At least it wont restrict you from anything.
Apple is othervise.
Dunno which mind created this topic but is based on a LIES: