Xiaomi sold at least 68,000 Pocophone F1 units in less than five minutes

29 August 2018
Although the company hasn't disclosed the exact number, it's somewhere in between 68,965 and 100,000.

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ShOuKa, 30 Aug 2018How the hell you was able to do so I opened browser 30 min... moreWell, I logged in to Flipkart just 5 min before and on 11:59 pm sale started, so I got one. I really like the phone, I bought it for my brother. The phone is a beast. I bought the base variant 6GB/64GB.

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    • 03 Sep 2018

    i think it is some bit of mistake buying this phone early before noting users experience .
    coz heating transform of this phone has AWFUL idea of releasing between battery and lcd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is stupid idea to tranfer heat from such heat maker cpu SD845
    to lcd and battery!!!!!!!
    just look at tearing down video of this phone on you tube
    it is gonna be hot lcd phone and doesnt feel good at all!!!!!!!!!

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      • 03 Sep 2018

      RB, 30 Aug 20181. Plastic case 2. IPS display 3. Gorilla Glass 3 to nam... moregg 3 really? why mine's screen shattered so easily? it only fell from knee high height then chunks of glass broke off from parts of the screen esp in the bottom chin part. is gg 3 so fragile?

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        • 03 Sep 2018

        Anonymous, 30 Aug 2018300$ for SD845. If your complaint is its ugly, you should m... morecalm down. i own apple yes but not a fanboy in anyway coz i also patronize samsung, sony & huawei. this WAS my first xiaomi phone, i was also hyped. my first impression is that it's ugly. also after few days, it fell from a not so high height, just knee high or lil high (thigh high maybe) anyway, its front screen shattered, some chunks of glass or whatevs broke from the screen and near the bottom edge. so yeah add that to my xiaomi hatelist. i own xiaomi phone for few days and no more. i'll just stick with ip, samsung, sony and huawei.

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          • 03 Sep 2018

          BrendonF, 02 Sep 2018I guess you haven't used this phone. The display is one of ... morei will never recommend this phone. after few days. mine fell, not so high just knee height. front screen shattered easily, i can see some chunks of glass that broke from front screen and near the edge. some substandard materials must have been used. so when my friends ask me where's my new phone, i say, "what phone?" (as if it never ever existed in my life). so shame. its a good phone but dont let it fell, you will really realize why you paid so low for an soc so good.

            Gogo go Xiaomi show em how real flagship killer looks like.

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              • 03 Sep 2018

              nah who give a shiiit!

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                • 02 Sep 2018

                BrendonF, 30 Aug 2018Sadly you are right. I just got the phone. No ir blaster. I... moreYes, you can by on aliexpress just blaster for 3 eur

                  TheTruth, 29 Aug 2018They cut every corner but the cpu. And selling a lot doesn'... moreWell yes apple is crazy thus the result at Zhenghou Foxconn factory when people committed group suicides due to lack of salary and earned as low as 0,20 eurocents a day.

                    Anonymous, 01 Sep 2018A buyer, who also thinks, will go for a good package, not... moreI guess you haven't used this phone. The display is one of the most accurate displays around. I spend $200 for a display calibration unit for my PCs and mac books as I am a photographer by trade. This phone matches my calibrated screens pretty much perfectly with zero effort or cost.

                    Calling it a budget display when xaiomis own budget screens are badly calibrated means you probably have no clue what you are ranting about.

                    The liquid cooling is no joke. You can read the review of the mi8 which starts throttling due to poor cooling. This phone barely heats up after long gaming sessions.

                    I am very happy with my phone and I happily recommend it to anyone looking for an all round device With great battery life to boot. The Asus Zenfone 5z has a slightly better screen, better looks, slightly better camera but it has a much worse battery life and bad battery life can ruin your smartphone experience.

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                      • 01 Sep 2018

                      Anonymous, 01 Sep 2018A buyer, who also thinks, will go for a good package, not... moreNot everyone needs top end screens/cameras and they just want 3.5mm/SD slot/Dual Sim/Top end SOC/Decent battery without it costing the bank, if you have to choose at this price point then the Pocophone beats anything hardware wise.

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                        • 80$
                        • 01 Sep 2018

                        BrendonF, 01 Sep 2018Hey if you are happy comparing SD 636 and SD 845 in the sam... moreA buyer, who also thinks, will go for a good package,
                        not for a fooling SoC only.
                        Sorry, but
                        - display is only low midrange,
                        - that stereo speakers is just a joke,
                        - network coverage entry level
                        (a small region, one coutry only
                        = very expensive for more than $300)

                        - liquid cooling, we'll see, probably just a marketing mimmick
                        and so on
                        this wannabe flagship,
                        will only buying fooled or wannabe people! :)

                          Anonymous, 31 Aug 2018I didn't mentioned Zenfone 5z (ZS620KL) flagship I menti... moreHey if you are happy comparing SD 636 and SD 845 in the same price point most people will happily choose the SD 845 which is why the poco will outsell the Asus multiple times over. :)

                          Everybody copies in this day and age and poco is copying a lot of good practices which is why it sold so well. It will sell many more on second round

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                            • 80$
                            • 31 Aug 2018

                            BrendonF, 31 Aug 2018Oh and I forgot to mention the Poco F1 has an unlocked boot... moreI didn't mentioned Zenfone 5z (ZS620KL) flagship

                            I mentioned Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL) midranger (also wrot that clearly),
                            that is not available in India and cost similar as POCO,
                            but is a much better package for common users.

                            you don't need to mention things,
                            because Xiaomi/POCO just copying a lots of things from ASUS.

                            That stereo speakers layout (ZF5, ZF 5z),
                            (that's only a joke on the poco, acc. user reviews),

                            ASUS has offered kernel sources long time ago and
                            Zenfone Max Pro M1 (the biggest RN5 Pro rival) has one of the best C-ROM,
                            community support - Android Pie has been already ported.

                            That support will POCO copying this time. lol
                            and so on :)

                              Anonymous, 30 Aug 2018Please post your sources! or you just telling stories .... moreOh and I forgot to mention the Poco F1 has an unlocked bootloader so you will get fantastic dev support for custom roms. And Xiaomi has FAR better support for older devices for software. My friend has a 2016 launched Mi Max and he got Oreo update. Thats two OS updates which is fantastic. Most of the older Asus Zenphones have got ZERO OS updates. They are all stuck on 7.0

                                Anonymous, 30 Aug 2018Please post your sources! or you just telling stories .... moreOk ill give you the IR blaster mistake cause I read that on GSM arena but they were mistaken.

                                However I pretty much stand by my previous statements. Brightness is more than sufficient for me when using the phone and its legible in sunlight no problem.

                                The display was reviewed by GSMarena which is where I am getting most of my data from including the mistake about IR blaster support.

                                However the display shows that it has a delta of 0.9 which makes it one of the most accurate screens around.

                                You keep harping on the ASUS Zenfone 5z which is a fantastic phone in its own right and I don't dispute that.

                                However the Poco F1 has its own strengths over the Zenfone. For once Phonearena reviewed the Zenfone and while it has a bright screen the colour accuracy is not great at all.

                                Second the battery capacity is much less at 3300 and frankly I don't care for phones with average battery capacity anymore

                                Third the Poco F1 has an IR assist face unlock which means even in total darkness you can unlock the phone easily. I personally use face unlock only.

                                Fourth - The liquid cooling really works. The phone hardly heats up even after long gaming sessions.

                                Fifth - The Zenfone 5z looks lovely in glass but glass is one of the worst materials to use as its slippery as hell and if it falls there is a very good chance the screen will shatter on impact.

                                I will agree with Zenfone has a better camera but the Poco is not bad at all. And most people use the phone camera to take photos of their food anyways. People who really want good photos will reach for a proper camera rather than a phone.

                                All in all the Zenfone's small battery and fragile slippery glass back are big no nos for me. I would go for a Pocofone anyday.

                                Oh and in India the price difference is $125 in favor for the Poco F1. I would blindly recommend the Poco F1 to anyone looking a great phone at a fantastic price.

                                The bottom line is that this phone is a big success and will millions of devices globally over its lifetime. It truly is a fantastic phone and most of the people hating on it are the ones who have never used the phone.

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                                  • 80$
                                  • 30 Aug 2018

                                  BrendonF, 30 Aug 2018What features have been cut? :O Let's see display? The d... morePlease post your sources!
                                  or you just telling stories . . .

                                  as in case of that IR blaster. lol

                                  Maybe sad,
                                  but the display is the most compromise here
                                  (460nits measured in review here -
                                  does not even matches the 500nits given in specs)

                                  A good midranger (Zenfone 5) offers 550nits and also much more in other thigs
                                  like 96% NTSC color gamut, POCO has only 84% to offer and so on.

                                  Even the best sensor alone does not make a good one,
                                  there are other things as well,
                                  where POCO does not maches, f/1,9 isn't flagship grade,
                                  ZF 5 (as a good midranger for the same cash) has f/1,8 and OIS as well and so on.

                                  NFC also on board.

                                  You can see, that battery-eater SD845 doesn't necesserily offers more with this half-baked specs, than a better balanced midranger.

                                  I hope we will see some good real comparisons,
                                  but i would allways prefer a well balanced specs, a top midranger,
                                  as one 'like to be flagship' thing.

                                  not to mention, that entry level - for India only - radio coverage,
                                  that alone disqualifies the POCO in Flagship-League.

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                                    • gwB
                                    • 30 Aug 2018

                                    pl2rts, 30 Aug 2018Where do you get this ? Average people will buy the best fo... moreAverage people don't care about specs. They buy the phone that's cheap and easily available.

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                                      • 30 Aug 2018

                                      anomi, 30 Aug 2018its ugly...300$ for SD845. If your complaint is its ugly, you should most probably buy an overpriced Apple. And I would say many would prefer the plastic back of Poco more than frail glass design. Could the design have been made more appealing? Sure, Lumia had shown in the past how plastic phones look awesome too. Even Xiaomi has good looking plastic phones like Mi4c or Mi4i.

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                                        • 30 Aug 2018

                                        Raj, 30 Aug 2018That's fake. Because here in India the sale was on 29th Aug... moreNot like that. Surprisingly this time, sale went ok. Earlier, after 5-10 sec only it went out of stock.
                                        At 12:00 i was able to get it in cart and slowly went to payment page. It was still there, no out of stock message & no issues with order. Later on, just to check, i kept adding and removing it for 2-3 mins & had no issues. After 12:04 tried again just to check, and it went out of stock.