YU Ace goes official with a big 4,000mAh battery and a small price tag

30 August 2018
A budget dual SIM phone with VoLTE, a 5.45" 18:9 screen and a fingerprint reader, the Ace will compete with the Redmi 6A.

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  • AnonD-632062

Good luck to YU!

Kangal, 30 Aug 2018Mate, dualcams themselves are a fraud. And tricams are triple fr... moreIt depends on what type of secondary cam is, if we talk about bokeh, yes it is.. But when it comes to telephoto lens,can your majesty lord pixel do a 4x lossless zoom? Nope.

Man, I was hoping for something like the Pocophone

Teased like flagship, launched as crap.

  • Tej

Rofl... For releasing this device they gave the tag line ''Face OFF''. What a waste

Those blues are same Yu, does anybody even buy Yu?

macky2green, 30 Aug 2018There's MI, there's YU, next is WE.Yu forgot the i (phone)

After having a long one year gap I thought it will unleash a powerhouse which may even beat the pocophone in features and price. Maybe I was expecting too much from Yu (Micromax)

cheapsk8, 30 Aug 2018On the subject of less known brands, GSMArena has been ignoring ... moreThat's true

There's MI, there's YU, next is WE.

On the subject of less known brands, GSMArena has been ignoring Infinix. Their latest offering Infinix Note 5 is an Android One phone with 4500 mAh battery, 6" FHD+ (NO notch!), Helio P23, gorgeous glassy plastic build, and sells for INR 9999.

  • Anonymous

After using MTK 6739 and 6750 phones, I can confidently say they are absolute trash for any price offered!

  • EX-Micromax User

disappointed by the launch it looks like rubbish phone
Yuphoria should have used atleast SD450 with 3-32 & 4-64 with 8K & 9K price range
also appoint some deveopler to create good UI like MIUI or Use Android One.

  • Nokia Fan

Are you guys real ? Ripping off on a $85 phone ? According to the price it is better than redmi 5a. Both have same price but yu is providing more in the price like hd+ resolution, 18:9 display, more battery and dual 4g (yes this chipset supports dual 4g). So rather than ripping off on a phone just see the price range in which phone is launched and the competition. It is far better than mi s**t.

  • HB

Those two blue colours are the same. Could there have been a mishap in editing?

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 30 Aug 2018Mate, dualcams themselves are a fraud. And tricams are triple fr... moreThat's mostly the case with OP where the second camera is pretty much useless. Other brands are using second camera for things Pixel can't do. There's more to photography than portrait mode.

  • Kangal

nidnidnidia, 30 Aug 2018Lol, look at the camera.. Trying so hard to be a dual cam, what ... moreMate, dualcams themselves are a fraud. And tricams are triple fraud.
See how the Pixel2 performs with a single camera.

Adding a second camera increases the price by +100%, but it doesn't improve the picture quality by +100%. At best its more like a modest +15% improvement, which is not worth the tradeoffs of the price, fragility, thickness, and taking internal space that could be used to keep a headphone jack and a larger battery.

$85 smartphone. Nothing to complain there. It fit the bill. But on a daily usage standard it wont fit my lifestyle. Probably for a student or kids or old people that dont use much phone. Warning, have a very very low expectation on performance.

  • Anonymous

Hahahah Ancient Micro-USB!!! Trash...

  • YoloBS

Shanti Dope, 30 Aug 2018Me too, but not because of MediaTek, but because it's not a prop... moreLook at all price,you want p60 in 5k price?