BlackBerry KEY2 LE is already up for pre-order in the UK and Netherlands

30 August 2018
The new phone can be ordered now for £350 or €430 with an expected shipping of September 10.

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Don’t think it will sell much in uk. If this had of been upgrade to the key2 with better faster processor and good speakers like the passport. And great camera I would have jumped ship but blackberry keep being out mid and low range compared to passport it’s rubbish toy. Il stick with my trusty iPhone X

  • Joe Alligator

bigmoe87, 30 Aug 2018such a well-advised price for another "highend specs", i kn... moreyeah a keyboard doesn't justify those specs and price when the pocophone came out

such a well-advised price for another "highend specs", i know half the expensive phones you would be paying for the quality, but it doesn't even look premium, another over priced pile of steaming crap from the LOONG GONE Blackberry