Huawei announces four new P20 Pro colors - we go hands-on

31 August 2018
The colors are Pearl White, Morpho Aurora, Golden Brown, and Elegant Black.

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  • nyr
  • 15 Oct 2018

Does Huawei plan send new Aurora; Pearl and Leather P20Pro smartphones to Lithuania?

    Joe Alligator, 04 Sep 2018what do you mean they are like the ps4 hahaha.. i would tak... moreI was comparing the colors. The PS4 ones are good, but the XBOX colors are just better

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      • Joe Alligator
      • PF9
      • 04 Sep 2018

      Walter C. Dornez, 31 Aug 2018Man, Samsung should up their game. They're like PS4 at this... morewhat do you mean they are like the ps4 hahaha.. i would take the ps4 with the exclusives they have all day than an xbox with 36 different controllers with the same function

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        • Anonymous
        • HJD
        • 03 Sep 2018

        Yes! We need more leather on premium phones!

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          • AnonD-784107
          • pY$
          • 01 Sep 2018

          why couldnt these colours be available at launch. i have the black version. but really love the new colours.

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            • bobby
            • c{C
            • 01 Sep 2018

            what about white front panel?

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              • 0{{
              • 01 Sep 2018

              I love the leather on Zenfone Zoom

              but 1k... maybe 2020

                Ugly, ugly, ugly, and ugly.

                  Anonymous, 31 Aug 2018Very nice! I really consider Huawei as my next phone!. N... moreuh, they can still the same about the Honor Magic. To me, it doesn't bother me as it forces the market to go in the right direction

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mx{
                    • 31 Aug 2018

                    The black leather is so good

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                      • ZloiYuri
                      • Tmf
                      • 31 Aug 2018

                      That leather remind me of lg g4. Pretty cool and pretty bad. 3 months and corners are sanded.

                        Love that black leather and best part about it you dont need a case

                          gotta love that leather back but unsure bout its span. perfect for non case users like me

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                            • Wes
                            • H58
                            • 31 Aug 2018

                            Some crazy prices for the new colour and leather back +more ram & storage. I'll skip.

                              Man, Samsung should up their game. They're like PS4 at this point compared to the Xbox controllers of phones, Huawei

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 043
                                • 31 Aug 2018

                                The black one looks like my phone, but mine has a leather case on it.

                                  For gods sake, show the frame edge colour too!

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                                    • AnonD-632062
                                    • 3Yf
                                    • 31 Aug 2018

                                    Cool. I still think the best was the original Twilight colour released in March.

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                                      • damn
                                      • gGj
                                      • 31 Aug 2018

                                      leather back, that shit is amazing!

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                                        • y$h
                                        • 31 Aug 2018

                                        Tanjung perak, 31 Aug 2018Useless indeed because the end of the day u will need back casingWatch out for what you said, not all people use case.
                                        And have you ever heard about clear case???? I guess not, You're just a typical jealous hater, talk without brain.