Weekly poll results: the Pocophone F1 is the most-loved phone in a long while

02 September 2018
Who knew people wanted flagship features at a mid-range price?

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JoJo Gelato, 04 Sep 2018u mean competitors at the same price point right?No, if you compare to other flagships. The next best option is Mi 8 and one+ 6.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2018NFC, ever heard of it? This phone is basically a paperwe... moreCome on man, who the hell uses NFC everywhere, never used to make payments even I have it, it's like 1 percent of people using that NFC for payments, it is definitely not a deal breaker. More worrying is that it does not have L1 streaming license so you can't stream HD quality videos on apps like Netflix or other major streaming sites, except YouTube. But again I would not mind, cause I don't stream Netflix on my phone so many people too. I guess for asking price it does not have weaknesses

  • anomi

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2018to any pocophone users out there, any news about the screen... morei dunno with others' units but mine definitely broke easily. the height of the fall isn't even that high but still the screen shattered. but hey, maybe i'm just so unlucky, that or maybe some substandard components are used to make the phone.

  • Anonymous

to any pocophone users out there, any news about the screen durability? does it really crack easily - from drops? just wondering before i get one. thanks!

  • JoJo Gelato

sina9, 03 Sep 2018One of the best phone ever which have most important featur... moreu mean competitors at the same price point right?

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2018NFC, ever heard of it? This phone is basically a paperwe... moreIn India, people pay using QR Code! NFC is getting outdated. Only Samsung Pay has implemented this so far. Others use, App-QR Code combination.

Make it metal and IP compliant for $50 more....people will love it forever! Pocophoe is a real phenomenon! Great going Xiomi!

  • Lonthonk

Dont like.. Dont buy.. Case closed
Why bashing this phone because it can not fulfill your thirst.. Remember its just like $299..what do you expect?
Go get yo'ass another $299 perfect phone then stfu

  • Mermanite

Say, GSMArena: supposedly, having the SD845 means the Pocophone has Camera2API support. In other words, it should be able to use the Google Camera ports without even needing root.

Would it be possible for you guys to update the Pocophone's review (or better yet, create a new article) with a blind camera test between Pocophone's stock app and a Google Camera port (most likely, the latest recommended Arnova8G2 one)?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2018People should know their info is going to Communist Party o... moreYou consider yourself a lot more interesting than you truly are, don't you?

Nobody cares about you, dude. No one's gonna steal your "personal information". And important people aren't gonna purchase a $300 Chinese phone so no worries there either.

Mid range price???
Dont get me wrong but A8 plus made by samsung was also midranger and brand new had price of 550 euros.
A6 had a brand new price of 380 euros and had SD450.
This is a whole new level and era whats xiaomi doing.
There is nothing like Poco to be compared maybe only by Poco 2 F2 nothing else.

  • anomi

Saketdin, 03 Sep 20181000$€ have no headphones jack, no sd card slot, no stereo ... moreyeah! literally! "bang for the buck".. it literally went bang & boom on my unit.. when it fell on my table, which by the way is not so high. poor front screen. it shattered, some chunks of glass went off the screen too.

  • anomi

Justin R, 03 Sep 2018SMH. We do not have cat problems, so it is not an issue. Al... morei got it coz i was with the hype then.

One of the best phone ever which have most important feature that come handy in daily use, but in my opinion the camera a bit falls behind in compare to other compatetors...

  • Saketdin

1000$€ have no headphones jack, no sd card slot, no stereo speakers, less than 4000mah batteries, fragiles ,dirty and full scratches because made of glass. No fast charging support after 1 year ( samsung galaxy).
Why I should pay 700$ more just to show off that I bought a brand who just scam them customers.
Wake up people.
Pocophone F1 is the revolution people waiting for so long.
Best bang for your buck in a long while.

  • AnonD-598579

anomi, 02 Sep 2018well it fell on a mini table... about knee height and well ... moreFeel sorry for you. But this things can happen and they are not always manufacturers fault.
I mean, sometimes is just bad luck really.
I can say for example that Samsung phones are good build, because I dropped one of my past phones (Samsung A6 2016 just small bumper, without case) from ear height directly on concrete and nothing happen to it, just few scratches. But, all of my friends had problems with Samsung devices being too fragile. So, is about luck in the end.
But, probably Poco F1 is made from cheaper materials, otherwise I can't see them keeping this low price.

  • siapa aja boleh

already bought the blue one ....so far is good.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-778465, 03 Sep 2018Having a high-end processor doesn't mean it is best for eve... morestupid comments.
1, indians dont use NFC
2. it supports 4k videos in youtube
3. believiing youtube reviews shows your childishness
4. just go and pay 40k extra and get glass backed toys

I wouldn't say I love the Poco F1 but it doesn't break the bank. There really shouldn't be any hatred for it unless you love throwing away $1000+ for glass backed, jack-less smartphones every six months.

I haven't seen a $299 deal for a flagship SoC since the OnePlus One back in 2014. Can't count the Essential Phone since that was released a year ago. Kudos to Xiaomi for offering something I haven't seen in 4 years.

2012 - Nexus 4
2013 - Nexus 5, Xiaomi Mi 3
2014 - OnePlus One
2018 - Xiaomi Poco F1

  • what

anomi, 02 Sep 2018i am not a hater, i just woke up from the hocus pocus it us... moreThe number of phomes dropped here is too damn high.