Huawei Mate 20 spotted in the wild at the IFA show floor

01 September 2018
A Huawei employee was caught using a device, matching the phablet's rumored description.

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  • 20 Sep 2018

Hope that finally will have a BT 5.0 version and h.265 codec.

    Geric.770, 12 Sep 2018Well, for one, maybe this is Indian's revenge against him s... moreYeah, I remember that was hilarious. So what's wrong with showcasing these actors. Sure we make fun of them, but we make fun of everybody

      Walter C. Dornez, 11 Sep 2018It's complete bullshit tbh. One guy against an entire corpo... moreWell, for one, maybe this is Indian's revenge against him since he loves to review Indian memes in an endless way. XD

      Remember Ekta Kapoor?

        Geric.770, 11 Sep 2018Ayyy, PewDiePie is dying! XDIt's complete bullshit tbh. One guy against an entire corporation, of course he's going to lose

          What the heck did I just saw...

            Walter C. Dornez, 02 Sep 2018Only 399! :DAyyy, PewDiePie is dying! XD

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              • 07 Sep 2018

              this is obviously not a leak, Huawei did it intentionally just to hype the Phone. what a stupid strategy

                Ok first off the flash placement on the phone is on the opposite side as it is in the XDA renders. Second, there is a bit of light poking out from the case on the edge, which I think might mean the case is just a fake back with a camera

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                  • 04 Sep 2018

                  nothing-, 04 Sep 2018It was not yet confirmed. I don't use the title of the Arti... moreWHATEVER!!! now you're saying powerbank with 3.5mm jack? HAHAHAHA!!! I'd rather buy a phone than a powerbank with camera and 3.5mm jack!

                    Anonymous, 02 Sep 2018yeah! I lived in the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal! Hahaha! ... moreIt was not yet confirmed. I don't use the title of the Article as the basis for my opinion and comment. I have read the article and the author mentioned that there was no speaker grill on the bottom nor at the top. What's visible is the headphone jack. The one possibility is that it was a battery pack with audio jack and camera design at the back or just a prototype to catch attention for tech goers out there.

                    Take note of the word I used in my previous comment "probably".

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                      • 03 Sep 2018

                      You are wrong, it's not the 3.5mm audio jack on top, it's the IR blaster. It's positioned in the same place as in P20 Pro...

                        Anonymous, 01 Sep 2018Nokia knock it out with what? They even can not make a cell... moreYou mean because the Finnish company called HMD which is made up by several old Nokia employees, design the phones but let Foxconn produce them?

                        So the same way Apple works then as all there phones are created by Foxconn.

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                          • 03 Sep 2018

                          Hey mate, take a picture of me holding my prototype phone

                            Anonymous, 02 Sep 2018Hahaha! That's nice!Only 399! :D

                              Noel, 02 Sep 2018The Essential phone started it and showed the best way to d... moreApple kinda had to go with a notch. If they just went with a top bezel, it would be a huge forehead and it wouldn't look different from everything else. The notch allowed for the Face scanning to work as securely as it does. I don't think it's copying either, as the notch sizes and looks are completely different and for different reasons

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                                • 02 Sep 2018

                                nothing-, 02 Sep 2018Are you living in the mountain? Did you know that there's a... moreyeah! I lived in the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal! Hahaha! I know that there is a smartwatch capable of that. But man, did you read the title of the article? It means that they confirmed that it's a smartphone. Will huawei name a powerbank with mate 20? That is ridiculous! Read some article here about the concept of mate 20 and it match what is in the hand of that guy!

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                                  • 02 Sep 2018

                                  Walter C. Dornez, 02 Sep 2018Yeah dude! It's the new Huawei Battery Mate 20, with wirele... moreHahaha! That's nice!

                                    the most ugly phone

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                                      • 02 Sep 2018

                                      The Essential phone started it and showed the best way to do the notch. Then Apple copied it but made it bigger. Now almost all phones coming out have notches of varying degrees. But the leaks of the Pixel 3XL with that giant notch if accurate takes the cake of them all. That notch and a not so big enough battery capacity plus the high price tag will be keep some would be Pixel/Nexus fans away.
                                      There are some pretty good mid to top range Chinese phones with top specs, even good looks with decent prices. I just wish some of them came with Stock Android. If only Xiaomi will make the Pocophone come with stock Android and put in global bands....they will move incredible numbers for that price. I want one.

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                                        • 02 Sep 2018

                                        they shoukd considered a diamond shape, rotate that design 45 degrees.