Honor Band 4 arrives with colored display for $30

06 September 2018
There is also Running Edition for half the price.

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  • 29 Jul 2020

PointBreak, 23 Jul 2019Which Is Better? Mi Band 4 Or Honor Band 4??? Obviously honor band 5

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    • PointBreak
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    • 23 Jul 2019

    Which Is Better? Mi Band 4 Or Honor Band 4???

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      • 06 Oct 2018

      Tonberry, 07 Sep 2018This looks nice. I wonder what the other differences betwee... moreit doesn't have heart rate monitor and NFC in running version so cost less rather than a normal one and some improved features which are essential for running which are not available in normal one

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        • 07 Sep 2018

        You can buy Mi band 3 @ $18 now.

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          • Tonberry
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          • 07 Sep 2018

          This looks nice. I wonder what the other differences between the normal and running versions are. I don't really care about running, but if it has the same features (sleep tracking, heart rate sensor, notifications, etc) for half the price then I'd totally buy it. I'm okay with the monochrome display, as long as all the features are available.

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            • 07 Sep 2018

            Or, spend almost 15 times the price, and get an Apple Watch that is less stylish and in a year, TC will announce 'This is our best Apple Watch eva!' and ask you to upgrade, so that's another $400 down the iLoo.

            The Honor Band 4 is not cheap, it is that Western companies massively over charge. I learned this in economics at school decades ago, all goes back to WW2 when the Germans were sinking our ships, so prices went up massively. After the war, manufacturers took the pee pee and never reduced the prices again.

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              • 06 Sep 2018

              SON OF A..... i just got my Honor Band 3 ....

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                • 06 Sep 2018

                Hey Huawei, if you want to dethrone the Mi Bands you need GadgetBridge compatibility or GTFO. Given your recent hurdles with unlocked bootloaders, I'm not expecting much in this front.

                To everyone that is unaware of what GadgetBridge is well, let's just say there's a way to get your bands functionality without having to feed your personal (and biometric) data to god knows who.

                  Looks better than mi band 3 & has a colored screen

                    kammem2, 06 Sep 2018just add music control and you will see the magicYa i was wondering why it aint included

                      Good work! Huawei. Thumbs up

                        just add music control and you will see the magic