You can sell your iPhone X at 68% of its value just a week before the new one arrives

06 September 2018
It turns out, iPhones depreciate the least a year after they are released. The iPhone X is a record-breaker right now.

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018hope apple buyback Note 8 - what a pathetic phone .. lags everyw... moreSamsung will always lag. But only few people will accept it gladly.

Smartphone investment is just stupid.
Why don't you invest on something more valuable for your family than yourself?

  • Mailman

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018hope apple buyback Note 8 - what a pathetic phone .. lags everyw... moreHave you ever heard about warranty?

  • Alex

If you buy a new iPhone X for $1000, and after a year, you sell it for $1000 - 32%, you've lost $320. If you buy a new, for example, Xiaomi, for $300, and after a year you throw it away, you've lost $300. If you sell it for $50, you lose $250. So, isn't Xiaomi a better investment than an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

hope apple buyback Note 8 - what a pathetic phone .. lags everywhere - even in notification, search , ultra nonsense theme- blur here and there - just wasted the money

Duck of death, 07 Sep 2018It is fake. Check your local classifields and see if you can fin... moreMy LetV L1s after almost 3 years going for $75 (Mobile itself was $220 worth! Low & mid range mobiles, your chances of losing your pants are very, very less. OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 3 etc, you can never get it for $100-$150 or even $200 after 2 years in my place. I could only sell my iPhone 7 plus 128GB for 45% of the value after an year....

  • .alpha

This chart is so true. I bought an used Pixel 2 XL 128GB and a brand new HTC U11+ from Taiwan in December for $700 each. Sold them in July for about $450 each. The Pixel 2 XL already lost more than 50% by that point and HTC 35%. So glad I didn't buy the Pixel 2 XL new

  • Bewildered

PeterThePanda, 07 Sep 2018ROFL at the people who buy phones as an investment, smartphones ... moreYou're right

Apple is the first trillion dollar company $ 1,000,000,000,000 that is $1000 Billion or $1 Million, million not by sell phones at valuation, but an an in inflated prices due to the double digit mark up.

Some,people will wait a year or two to purchase a ln iPhone after the if has dropped off due to new iPhone releases. These pre owned phones are "new" phones to them even 2 or 3 yrs after

My contract phones despite being in pristine condition due to case and screen protector even if I wanted would get a give away price despite beng 4G

The other phenomenon id Apple owners who want to have the very latest iPhone Imo dwarf Android users who do the same

If we take iPhone X @ $1000 sell at right price receive $680, you then buy the latest similar iPhone again $1000 so you spend just $320

You have spent $1320 over 2 years to have the very latest iPhone

$320 is a premium overpaid or 1/3 for a one year tweak in specs.
There is nothing that makes me want upgrade each year

  • nyvz

This "data" looks extremely questionable. Never seen any phone lose even 50% value in the first year, and I know for a fact that in my market the Oneplus One only lost about 30-40% value in the first year, as is common for most phones and common for computer hardware in general.

  • Anonymous

That is because apple controls the prices of the iphone, all apple store retains its price from the day they are released. the iphone x is still the same price today back when it was released last year, so retailers, the ones that are not from an apple store can just lower about 10% or 20% of their selling price compared to apple, in a way it maintains the iphone prices. unlike samsung like after several months the prices drops so fast, its $720 when it was release in our country, now its about $620. that also goes for other android phones although it may vary depending if the phone is what the people are looking to buy.

  • Phone_Techy

Grasvreter, 06 Sep 2018Do you guys not check the charts?? It says the oneplus one lost ... moreXD thats true! 15 Euro’s XD its funny just thinking about it :p

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PeterThePanda, 07 Sep 2018ROFL at the people who buy phones as an investment, smartphones ... moreWhy do I feel You're the smartest person on this forums?

ROFL at the people who buy phones as an investment, smartphones are terrible things to use as an investment, unless you're talking about super rare old phones in mint condition that collectors really like. You buy a smartphone because you need or want the features they have, not because they're on investment.

There are way better things to buy as investment like land, precious metals and gemstones. Those RETAIN their value over time and often increase in value.

Smartphones are like a countdown timer and start losing their value the very second they get released into the market.

  • mark

those fan boys cant accept the fact that their beloved smartphone has lost the most interms of resale value...

  • mark

[deleted post]truth hurts isnt it?

Android Consultor, 06 Sep 2018Good luck you, with your top expensive smartphone, the best of t... moreBetter with half the price, I doubt it. The OnePlus6 isn't better than the Note 8.
Plus, I don't own one.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018If the phone was bought on a carrier contract it's actually poss... more*facepalm*

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matt00112233, 06 Sep 2018stop lying man, no one can brag about selling his iPhone at the ... moreIf the phone was bought on a carrier contract it's actually possible to sell it for /more/ than you paid a year later, because the selling price is based on the outright retail price. If you factor in the higher monthly bill, however...