HTC revenues continue to slip in Q2, down 58% YoY

08 September 2018
The company's revenue falls for the tenth quarter in a row.

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Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018In Taiwan U12 has better sales than 5z. 5z is just zen ... moreBut here 5z is available with pre order status. Even 5z has better most aspect expect Battery life. with just about 110 dollars more from Poco F1 (6/128)

  • S6 User

'The HTC U12+ has a slightly larger 3,500 mAh battery than the U11's 3,000 mAh pack, but smaller than the 3,930 mAh one that the U11+ launched with.'

Why would anyone release a phone with less battery than their predecessor?
It wouldn't matter so much if efficiency was improved for longevity, but it isn't.

64h GSMA Endurance rating:
21:51h  3G Talk time.
7:48h  Web browsing.
8:32h  Video playback.

Smh, Nowadays these flagship phones should be ~100h GSMA Endurance rated.

  • S6 User

Kingslayer, 09 Sep 2018Where HTC is now is where LG and Sony will be in the mobile... moreMy HTC Desire HD was good initially, but had a lack of updates & became increasingly laggy, to the point of being unusable.

I would've bought the HTC M8, if my previous experience was good, but it wasn't.

So I bought this Galaxy S6 about 3.5 years ago & the performance IS the same as day 1, except for the battery which has never been good enough, so in June I bought a 4,000 mAh battery case & have no battery anxiety if I'm away for the weekend with no charger.

Also I bought a user replaceable battery for my friends S3 mini a couple of months ago & he wanted a new Samsung phone, but not a flagship.
I showed him the pro's & cons of each model (including past flagships) & we decided on the Galaxy A5 (2017) for £200 & he's very happy with it.

You say, "Samsung is just a third-party stealing money from Google's own OS.".

I'm not sure what your talking about, I was using many software features, which only appeared a couple of years later on android's own OS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018Actually he/she is correct. Sony are also struggling in the... moreWait and see yourself.

  • GSMarena

Availability I think is one of HTC's problem.
If they're phone's are available worldwide I think they wont have problem with sales.
U12+ price I think its fair and I like the design better their previous.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018In your dreams.Actually he/she is correct. Sony are also struggling in their mobile division and are being propped up by other divisions which make good profits.

  • AngryBoi

Why failing ? 1 word: PRICE.
In my country (not telling) it cost 50~70% more than One Plus 6.
And why China phones doing so well? Why pre-orders sold out in faster than you in bed? I guarantee its the management, just want their own salary than actual give a shit. LOOK AT XIAOMI, YOU MAMAPAPA'S !! FIRE THOSE PAPER-WEIGHTS AND GET REAL SOME1 WHO CARES. I had a sensation. LOVED IT! As time pass, Other phones can do better for cheaper..
HTC, Sell same quality & waaayyy Cheaper, its an investment. STAKEHOLDERS OF HTC GO DIG OUT WHY SALES SUCKS!!

I hate to say it. HTC won't make a profit on phones unless they;
a) reduce the handset prices to not be sitting in the Apple/Samsung over priced market.
b) Actually make the handset available to the public. In the UK no mobile provider sells the U12+. Even "highstreet" companies who sell unlocked phones don't stock it.
c) Push out more regular updates including security patches
d) Respond to customers who try to contact them over issues with devices.

I used to love the HTC devices and always used them for the last 10+ years.

But right now I am done with HTC due to my HTC 10 killing it's main board while charging on the supplied charger and USB cable. However I still use my M8 everyday to play Pokemon Go which is still running strong.

Well I am pretty much sure 2019 will be end of mobile division

  • Anonymous

Tech-9, 09 Sep 2018Sony is next. In your dreams.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018In Taiwan U12 has better sales than 5z. 5z is just zen ... moreThe Asus costs a fraction of the htc u12 and lets face it htc u12 is a failure. Its sales are low and very few people can successfully play in that segment. I think Nokia has got the right idea. They figured that the mid range is where the money is and is concentrating on getting competitive phones there. Htc is focused too much on its flop flagships which is bleeding money.

  • Anonymous

BrendonF, 09 Sep 2018Asus Zenfone 5z has a SD 845 processor and will probably ou... moreIn Taiwan U12 has better sales than 5z.

5z is just zen 5 with SD845... Whole phone is same.
Not same level of flagships.

  • Anonymous

Manchito, 09 Sep 2018HTC must do the Xiaomi way. Good stuff for a good price, at... moreXiaomi does not need to sell phones to survive..
Htc cant afford selling u12 for 450,00.

Taiwan has high cost compared to China.

  • Jack

Damn HTC. Once my favorite mobile company.
Now that we dont have memory n ram issues, bring sense 4 back, edge screen 6.2" or bigger and my next mobile is HTC but why would they listen, that carousel sense was crazy and eye candy. I miss it.

  • Anonymous

Pocophone is going to eat many other OEMs lunch.

Take a chunk off retail price or take a dive, sink or swim.

All What HTC needs to do is lower their prices a bit ...

  • Anonymous

Maybe it will become history in the nearly future...

It's definitely saddening to see this happen. HTC is one of the best phone companies there is. They used to lead in Design, Camera, Audio & Innovation all at once. I remember the time when HTC was a direct rival of Samsung & had equal fans. Over time all of that has diminished... Not sure what went wrong. I never did saw any drastic missteps on their flagship lineup. Even their recent phones have continued to be highly competitive in design/camera/audio departments... maybe they haven't experimented with something new as of late, but why would they take any risks when their company is already failing...

I think their phones are failing due to an overload of competition. People these days just either buy from Samsung/Apple or one of those Chinese companies which give flagship specs for half the price... This type of competition has caused all companies to lose their user-base. Some have lost less (Sony, LG, etc) Some has lost more (HTC, Blackberry). It's unfortunate but real. I sure do hope HTC finds it way back into the game. I never lost faith in them & will continue to support them till the very end. :)

  • Anonymous

Scram, 09 Sep 2018This is not about fanboyism. Sony mobile is bleeding money,... moreI am not talking about fanboyism. Either you see it or don't.

HTC excelled in design, build quality, and audio. I never liked them for camera or software updates.

I still like LG better and I've cooled off from them. I honestly don't have any favorite OEM right now. They are all crooks. HTC used to be my favorite five years ago.

I used to rank it -

Can't really say that anymore. It's probably Google who aren't a true OEM and surprisingly Apple at #2. At least Apple products lasts for years. That's why I will probably end up with either an iPhone or Pixel for the next decade or so.

This decade is just trial and error figuring out what I truly want from a smartphone. That's a great software experience, great camera, and battery life. Many OEMs which includes HTC don't check all the boxes. Most of them are terrible with aftermarket support.