It's official: Sony is buying Ericsson's share in Sony Ericsson

27 October, 2011
Sony has just announced it will be buying off Ericsson's shares in their Sony Ericsson joint venture.

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  • ejstrider

Wtf! My eyes is not comfortable without the ericsson at the top of my phone, ilove sony but i think some user will may feel same as i do

  • Caizer

What will happen now to owners of Sony Ericsson smartphones,released last year?,, who will service their warranty? Sony or Ericsson?... why did they split up, their market is starting to boom last quarter of 2011..

  • Sony

The name will be Sony, the OS will be Android.

  • Bleurdeur

Stop the "make believe" and "make yourself heard" once more!!! Hope the legendary 3 stripes come up with state of the art technology in today's mobile phones again!!!

  • pilgrim

8Mpx camera? For wall pictures? With annoying comprimation SW algorythm? Sony hate sharpness...

  • asn

i want to ask whether the new company will retain the name sony ericsson?, or the new name will just be sony.
does any one have any idea about that?

  • adzi

Its like watching 2 of your best friends break up sniff..

  • Anonymous

Sony, 30 Oct 2011amoled or led or slcd these r the creation of sony and samsung 5... moreeither samsung or sony invented the oled. If you want a history we need to go back to 50's french university...but that doesn't hardly matter.

Point is that samsung is a only company at the moment that can mass manufacture oled dispays and OWNs 90% of share in oled market.

sony ponieered oled ahead of samsung, but they dropped it, because profit/investment-wise issue. So, sony has almost nothing in oled market. they aren't even the second best...

  • tsk tsk tsk

i don't think it's bad, and as far as i know, sony is doing this to salvage the sony ericsson's losing market share.

btw, just imagine it. The technologies sony will be integrating to their devices are from their sony products. About having their own OS, they probably will be sticking to android for now,.

  • Sony

samsung>sony, 28 Oct 2011sony buy ericsson? this wont make a difference... first of all s... moreamoled or led or slcd these r the creation of sony and samsung 50% share

  • Anonymous

sony > sony ericsson

  • Sasan

my love sony ericsson,not sony

  • ous.prophet

i plan to buy the latest device done by sony ericsson and use it for a long long time.. because i believe each one alone won't produce a satisfying mobile device, as much as the ones they produced together earlier.. :) anyway gdluck

  • AnonD-23811

Ericsson will be very fool if they won't start making their own phones like they did for so many years before they shook hands with Sony. I think the reason why this joint-venture was created în 2001 was because Sony is good on the multimedia part and Ericsson on the telephony part. But now with all the know-how and patent technologies from Ericsson Sony won't have problems with the telephony part.

  • ZuluWarrior

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2011Sony fanboys just don't get a fact that breaking up with Ericsso... morei 2nd won't get anywhere without beter rethink about what they're doing!!!it might cost them........

  • Anonymous

Sony fanboys just don't get a fact that breaking up with Ericsson isn't a good idea.

Ericsson is the one who has OWNED patents and infrastructures in telecommunication industry. Not Sony.

Sony may make a phone that can play psp games on it, but not the phone that actually makes a call.

  • Eiffel

*drops dead*

  • vic

Fred, 27 Oct 2011This is terrible news!! Ericsson always had the technological ... moreI totally agree! Ericsson was that link that made SE special. And not to forgot; Ericsson made GREAT phones of their own in their golden era.

  • AnonD-27963

3g62bs, 28 Oct 2011Wow, both mis-informed and incorrect. SE you qualcomm chipset... moreWell Said..........!!!!! B-) :-)

  • Anonymous

19evol61, 28 Oct 2011good thing Sony wont be with Ericsson anymore, at least with mob... more"Motorola had Android"??? How many android smartphones will be sold if they give android exclusively to motorola, even the disappointing SE has much better amount of smartphone's shipment in last quarter than motorola did:­_0_profit_smartphoneonly_portfolio_in_2012-news-­3272.php
Around 80% from total 9.5 million devices shipped were smartphones or equals to 7.6 million units, while at the same period moto can only booked 4.8 million unit smartphones­nancial_results_things_are_looking_bright-news-3­326.php
Google takes motorola mobility only for their patent treasury, not to make this company becoming the one and only android phone producer...