Samsung announces Galaxy Nexus and Note roll-out schedules

27 October, 2011
The Galaxy Nexus will start selling on November 17, while the Galaxy Note hit the shelves on October 29.

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  • UKAndroid

AnonD-20329, 27 Oct 2011so no usa release? They said it would roll out globally so it will eventually be available everywhere.

  • Morphed Renegade

Shush you all get out of my way I am the first to buy Note and Nexus. I am so fond of it that I mistook Galaxy SII add on gsmarena got excited thinking Note is out went to all phone shops in Manchester lmao.

  • AnonD-20329

so no usa release?

  • Huod

I am waiting for this lunch .I am emphesise to send me note as soon as posible.

  • lauro

I'm waiting for the galaxy note, I hope it will be released here in philippines sooner...

  • unknownbadman

AnonD-4697, 27 Oct 2011LoL shame on Nexus, they want to get this in middle of Nokia eve... morewell its lighter, had a better pixel density, more internal memory, a better processor and it has a super amoled with a HD screen in my opinion its a lot better phone than the atrix 2, the only thing atrix 2 wins on is the camera

  • chillz88

Galaxy note... Woah.. can't wait for this beast... Exinos processor is d one..

  • AnonD-4697

LoL shame on Nexus, they want to get this in middle of Nokia events..

But everyone knows Nexus is not a worthy Android phone, just the screen is the only thing that really matter of this phone......Nothing that my Atrix 2 can't do or have....