Motorola Moto G7 series coming next year, G7 Play won't be tagging along

13 September 2018
Expected launch is late Q1 2019 or early Q2 2019.

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  • Radrick

Lie you a tell, for me Motorola all the way

  • Jimbob

I dont think anyone cares about these devices anymore Motoflopa

  • Anonymous

Intresting for new technology that mostly come from motorola, but wait it to be Available is different story. So far z3 family not seen on oz & singapore.
Come on lenovo, is your marketing that bad?

  • Anonymous

No notch, please lenovo.

The g7 will come with an amazing upgraded processor, the sd625, for a steal at $300... I love moto's software (other than no screen mirroring) but they aren't making it financially which means they have to charge more money for their phones than they're worth...

  • Anonymous

Great news. Maybe the G series will take over as Moto's flagship series now, as it should have a while ago.

It's their most popular series, after all. Do it like Samsung did with the Galaxy series, slowly making it more premium.

  • Anonymous

Still using the G3, ip68 and sollid as a rock!

  • Kevin

Moto G 1st gen here. Solid AF.

  • Anonymous

Still using G4 Play. Works good.

  • Anonymous

Still have G2, it's slow but will carry me over to 5G era.

  • Force Majeure

And no compass?

AnonD-784123, 13 Sep 2018Let me guess....notch and not headphone jack. How exciting!Well, what you think?
People are already adapting on this stupid era.

  • AnonD-784123

Let me guess....notch and not headphone jack. How exciting!

It makes sense, I was looking a super affordable Motorola phone for a relative and the E series is very close to the G Play models on hardware specs and even the looks, quite confusing and end up buying the Moto E5 Plus.

Yes, keep the lineup less of a hassle to choose from.
Z3, Z3 Play × X4 × G6+, G6, G6 Play × E5 Plus, E5 × E5 Play × E5 Play Go.

All the X means that one phone is overlapping the other, which makes it harder to make a choice and forces the buyer to seek for a simpler choice.