Two new Huaweis at TENAA: one with 7.12" screen, the other with 6.5"

14 September 2018
And large batteries to match. The first seems to be a Huawei version of the Honor 8X Max, the second should be the Huawei Y9 (2019).

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the buttons on Huawei ARS-TL00 (White) are on the wrong side

  • Anonymous

This phone is usability nightmare. It won't fit any pocket.

Are they phones or tablets?

  • Krish

They should have release as Tables it seems.

  • Anonymous

Seems they will soon make tablets=mobile in size

BigDisplay, 14 Sep 2018If you guys cant have this size of a phone in your pockets,... moreI would love to have phones with a big display.

Like you said, my jeans' pockets are just big enough to put my Nokia 8 in it. I couldn't find any jeans with humongous pockets to put a tablet-size phone cause I'm too lazy to find them. :P

Another problem is I can't pull those massive phones out of my pocket when someone calls and when I'm riding on a bike. My country's full of robbers that they might even take it from your hand when you've just pull it out from your pocket.

So no. They're not for me and some of the people here.

  • Dude

Copies of Honor... Market flooding

If you guys cant have this size of a phone in your pockets, you really have small pockets... Really
I have my Asus zenfone 3 ultra 6,8 inch 16:9 in my normal size jeans, until 1 month ago, now i have the tiny mm3. So if it cant be in your pockets, i guees u took ur children's pants instead of ur own :-p

From when Huawei Uses snapdragon instead of Kirin :-)

  • Anonymous

Seems like there will soon be a phone with a bigger screen than my iPad mini

No wonder why these screen sizes are killing tablets.

  • Anonymous

Pants manufacture that created an 8 inch pocket will be rich

Well, we need to buy jeans with big pockets!

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2018Why so big? Carry those around in your jeans pocket.Now large pocket is trend .

  • Anonymous

Why so big? Carry those around in your jeans pocket.