LG Optimus 2X will not be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

28 October, 2011
Update: It looks like LG has changed its mind about the Optimus 2X and an update is already in the works.

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  • John

Dear All, This is to inform you all that LG has released the ice cream sandwich function to this device.

  • Zaakir

Its late for an update. Lg a renowed company was not expected for such a delay. Even generic brands like spice csl provided update for their mi 410. Lg should take it serious that customers are not happy. May be i n future no1 will go for lg. Consider it.

  • Ray

Mayby it would get released now

[LG Official Statements on Ice Cream Sandwich OS Update]

LG firmly denies the rumors that claim LG will not be providing the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS update for the LG Optimus 2X. These rumors are NOT true. LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update for the LG Optimus 2X as well as other LG high-end smartphones. Detailed information on the ICS OS update schedule for specific models will be announced, once the ICS OS is publicly released by Google. Please stay tuned for more updates from LG.

  • Anonymous

wHat?? I was planning to get one this Christmas..

  • AnonD-28549

that's what you get for making bad purchase choices.
Just to remind you - LG makes refrigerators.

  • Frankie

This is the one area Android has problems. Manufacturers decided the shorten the gap of Android and iPhone by releasing as many phones as they possibly could into the market, and it worked. The bad side effect is making the updates compatible with all these phones. Android platform manufacturers only make the new updates (a costly process) for limited number of their phones as this process requires a lot of work and does not bring extra revenue as updates are free. Hopefully, now that Android has cought up with iOS, we will see each manufacturer slow down and release only a couple of phones every year. This will justify making the updates for all models instead of hundreds.

  • Elgea

I think,all we(LGp990 owners)have to sue LG company for putting us in a wise, for any further upgrades with posting fake promises over social network.
I had enough of lies !They can promise us further updates for years like that !

  • Taz

I and my wife Optimus 2X phones. I love the phone, but am very disappointed by the lack of OS/firmware support by LG. We have already decided that our next phones are not going to be an LG, but a Samsung most likely... Surely with this attitude LG is loosing many existing and future clients...

  • AshokRahi

My question is WHEN will LGO2X will get update?
Only commitments since last year.
People are moving to ICS and we are still on Froyo?
Better LG get ICS ASAP in November 2011 or I will sell my LGO2X in December.

  • whatchadoin

Ah yes. Android fragmentation is a thing of beauty isn't it. I guess this is good news for people who like to spend more time fixing their phone rather than enjoying it. LG got a kick in their butt this time to update, but everyone now realizes they didn't intend on updating it. Good luck getting the next minor updates.

  • greace15

guys do not even think to buy lg phone again i really bored waiting for gingreadbed... they want just the money from us and then there is no customer support

  • Anonymous

This is android for you. Fragmenation in both updates and apps.

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately my first android mobile phone was motorola defy and my second is lg optimus 2x. I've sold defy becouse of bad os upgrade support. I tought that Lg will provide better service. Samsung has tablet 8.9 with same configuration as O2x and it normaly runs ICS. Conclusion: Going back to Nokia while MEEGO is still alive !!! Nokia has best mobile phone os and stupod Elop is turning it down.

  • cotsios105

Are you serious it is a year now that a whole world waiting for the gingreadbed update and nothing comes true the only thing that i see when i bought the phone is that is going to upgradable to 2.3 but i forget to ask when is going to be this update when i die or in 2050... This my last lg phone as a result lg do not support our customers and if we do not going to updated to ice cream sandwich in 2100 this is for sure my last lg mobile phone thanks i hope you take my post in the serious ones and think about it when this update become true

  • vijay_968

I am from India & almost bought an LG OB, but stayed away as the OS is 2.2 and LG is not committing a date for 2.3. The way I see, ICS would keep a buyer happy for atleast an year. I don't expect a Co to care its customers when it is not bothered about its own products. I hope LG realises that the market is big and others too sell good products, but with better after sales support.

  • Nokia Sucks

Who cares about updates? Just buy the new flagship phone next year or learn to root. Leave the updates to the XDA guys. It's free and you don't have to pay them. People are so stupid. Why update the phone when you can sell them your newest flagship? You save money and you earn more money. LG is just doing what's good for them as a company.

  • DarkWinG

This is ridiculous. LG optimus 2X still has android 2.2. This phone was selling at 450 euro and the suppor from LG is absolut zero.

If they do not deliver ice cream sandwich this will be the last LG phone for me. I will never again buy an LG phone.

  • Ted

does it really matter whether O2X gets ICS? i dont really get it when GB have not even reach my O2X.... even if they do update it to ICS, it will be more or less when it's almost obsolete.... look at their GB track record and u get what i mean.... O2X is the first dual-core Droid (woooo....), they r their flagship phone to finally challenge Sammy or even iPhone and GB was promised an upgrade very soon. erm, the phone was launched early in the year, i got it a few months later, and after a few more months, GB is still nowhere to be found! it was promised June/July, then Oct, well, 24hours later, it'll b Nov! and yet it's still the same old BS, 'our update announcement will b coming very soon, plz check on xxx for future updates info' or all the flip-flops on whether there's an update or not..... and that's how they promised, promised and promised but up til now, still no delivery.... Droid r unlike iPhones, Google updates their os very frequently but seems like LG cant keep up with their pace.... it's really not funny when i buy a flagship phone and by the time all the other flagships get their ICS, we'll only b fed with GB, and that may not even b the newest version of GB.... i mean if LG neglect their mid-range or low-range phones, i can still understand a bit but O2X? whatever their decision on ICS, it really truly doesnt matter to me as O2X will b my last LG phone, unless all the other companies r even worse when the time comes to change, though i doubt that will b the case cuz no1 can do much worse actually....

  • AnonD-4340

Its so absurd, why do X2 users want upgraded OS for a fone dat doesnt work! Y not demand LG fix the problems? I have tried x2 and a family member had one, the thing doesnt work even remotely as intended, its a POS, and u guys want to upgrade to ICS instead of making it work???