ZTE nubia Z18S shown on video with a second screen on its back

17 September 2018
The screen on the front has lost its notch as there's no need for a selfie camera - not when you can use the rear camera.

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  • 01 Oct 2018

Apparently the back screen is 720p and that's great! I can play pokemon go with it and it will save me tons of battery than using the bigger screen :D i'll also have a better selfie camera than the other flagships! This is perfect for my needs! I just wish blu picks this up or any other company in the US so i can get it without having to import it xD

    Here are some FAQs.

    Q: Is it durable as other basic smartphones?
    A: Yes, if you use transparent TPU case that will cover whole back. Even with case, it would still be able to recognise touches through case (i tried it).

    Q: Is battery life shorter with second screen?
    A: It is not. Second screen and touch will not be always powered. Second screen is needed for taking selfies and showing time/weather/notifications. If that is AMOLED screen, it would still be able to use 'Always on display' function, so it would have very small impact on battery life.

    Q: Is another screen expensive?
    A: No. Price of back screen with touchscreen will probably cost under 25$, so it is multiple times cheaper than AirPods.

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      • 18 Sep 2018

      leledumbo, 18 Sep 2018Screen is indeed one of the most expensive component. If th... moreI agree.There was another phone with a similar concept but i couldn't remember it's brand and model..Iirc it had a much smaller secondary screen than this one.

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        • 18 Sep 2018

        I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just for the sake of the innovation

          Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018Notch is never thicker than a bezel. A bezel uses all th... moreI think the reason why people don't like the notch is because it's physically cutting into the screen, like someone's finger is blocking part of the screen.
          This is not really a direct solution for the notch, but rather a new concept for maybe something similar to a smartwatch screen on the back of a phone.
          The fact that it gets rid of the notch is cool, though.

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            • 18 Sep 2018

            WOAH! Stunning!

            Both the Front notchless screen as well as the rear one. Amazing!

            If only it had a 3.5 mm jack as well as a SD card slot (both of which are absent in the notched ZTE nubia Z18), it would have been simply awesome.

              Nice but fragile and no worries about battery life cause if you look closely only one screen is active at a time and honestly notch is not as bad as people think it is just use and iPhone X which currently has one of the widest notch, its not that bad and you can also choose a phone with waterdrop notch

                they should have a power efficiency feature on the back screen...like lower resolution screen...super dimming and a black and white software feature to save even more battery for reading only

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                  • 18 Sep 2018

                  leledumbo, 18 Sep 2018Screen is indeed one of the most expensive component. If th... moreUnless your apple then the back costs more..

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                    • 18 Sep 2018

                    Ultimate fail, 18 Sep 2018This is the most ridiculous chain of Fail thought process..... moreNotch is never thicker than a bezel.

                    A bezel uses all the way the upper part of the front face of the phone. A notch uses a tiny bit of it. See Z18 for example. It hardly affects user experience which is why only fanboys mind them and try to return us to a bezelled world. Thankfully OEMs don't bite (apart from Samsung, but nobody buys Samsung these days, every year is worse than the last for her)

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                      • 18 Sep 2018

                      Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018great innovation ... completes all mechanical and notch iss... moreYeah because having a tiny notch like the Z18 so much kills the experience that you have to add a hulking extra screen to avoid it.

                      Fanboys these days... Never think straight. They follow whatever line they were said to follow without any second thought.

                      Also gsma insists on using the wrong numbers on their articles. By now they read like advertisement. Z18 clearly has 85% StB ratio according to this site's very own database. If 92% was actually what Z18 had it would of been out of this world significant. For better or worse it doesn't/didn't. No OEM has the capacity to go over 90% StB

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                        • 18 Sep 2018

                        I actually like this design. People complain about the 2nd screen but It's gonna be as durable as your regular glass back phones anyways.

                        I like selfies a lot and I always hate the fact that I can't use the main camera to do it and have to settle with a lower quality front facing camera. Now I I can.

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                          • 18 Sep 2018

                          This is the most ridiculous chain of Fail thought process..

                          Bezeless phone -> Remove front camera -> Remove notch -> Rely on back camera only -> Cannot take picture properly -> Resolve by adding another screen (WITH MASSIVE bezels)

                          True facepalm phone.

                          Not far away from the notch phone idea.

                          Bezeless phone -> no placement for front components -> Make Notch (Which is THICKER then if a bezel is there)

                            Meizu vibes.

                              To sum it up:
                              1. More screen which is good.
                              2. Another screeen which raises eyebrows.
                              3. Screen is more expensive than another camera.
                              4. Another screen is also going to shorten your battery life.
                              5. Making a case for this will be hell, and dropping this thing risky as f***.

                              So is it worth it to pay a bit more, and sacrifice battery life just not to have a notch?

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                                • 18 Sep 2018

                                Sam.Smythe, 18 Sep 2018It's for the pursuit of all screen phone just like in Sci-F... moreIt will also be used for video calls. And since it has fewer cameras (none on the full-screen surface), hopefully it would somehow offset the additional cost of the secondary screen. I'm really excited for the possibilities of this setup. And fingers-crossed that more power efficient chips will be available for this. Personally, I think a GSMArena battery rating of at least 70h would be enough but higher is always preferable.

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                                  • 18 Sep 2018

                                  jembut, 18 Sep 2018look what happened with yota phone ???? Yota who? Hahahaha.

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                                    • 18 Sep 2018

                                    I think both side display is better then both side camera. Specially when trend running behind sharp edges for smart phones.

                                      Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018Nah it won't be, they'll just put a smaller battery like al... moreIt's for the pursuit of all screen phone just like in Sci-Fi movie. I think somewhere in the future, this will be an alternate option for people who want an all screen phone on a budget.

                                        why why, 18 Sep 2018not necessarily, i would assume the screens will not work a... moreScreen is indeed one of the most expensive component. If the use case is mainly for selfie, it's overkill IMO.