Withings launches Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch

18 September 2018
Withings launches the Steel HR Sport, its hybrid smartwatch including connected GPS and VO2 Max in addition to HR tracking

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Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018How do you translate this to Eng.?google traductor lol

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]How do you translate this to Eng.?

  • javilaol

Mister Ree, 18 Sep 2018Lol, so you still need your phone strapped to your arm because i... moreA matchbox on your wirst that you have to recharge every 16 hours

Its an interesting principle here, the watch logs everything and transfers all data to do the dirt work to phone!

Unless you want a classy watch looking fitness tracker, otherwise, as a steel HR user, I'd recommend people to just the mi band 3 instead. It work the same, it's also able to tell time too.
My mi band 2 actually work better for tracking my sleep time than my steel HR ( steel HR think that you are sleeping cause you are laying on your bed, but mi band actually able to think the difference, cause mi band start it to keep track of it after you fall asleep).

  • Mister Ree

Lol, so you still need your phone strapped to your arm because it doesn't have built in GPS etc. This is why the Galaxy Gear or Apple Watch LTE will eventually take over.

  • Anonymous

Why does this French company have an English name? The French should do what they do best and protest against this company vehemently.