Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s AI camera features leak in APK teardown

19 September 2018
The latest leak from the Huawei handset surrounds the camera app and new features that we might expect on the new flagship.

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  • Rich watarious
  • CGH
  • 29 Sep 2018

Huawei the pace setters are at it again. Under water mode. Although Samsung is at number one I still see Huawei as number one. They set serious pace in the mobile phone business. Best design, best colours, best innovations each year. They are really very hard working doing a lot of research. Kudos Huawei.

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    • ugly
    • 2Am
    • 22 Sep 2018

    ugly design. i'd rather pick the p20pro design than this.

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      • walauweh
      • tZk
      • 20 Sep 2018

      MBenzPete, 20 Sep 2018Unfortunately, as long as the ‘bananagate’ cheating issues ... moreulbenchmark, the owner of futuremark@3dmark suite that huawei's being allerged of cheating already clear up the matter. its only that anandtech didnt update the news, i wonder why...

      according to ulbenchmark, whats huawei's being doing isnt totally cheating cuz it doesnt overclocking nor maintaining the max cores. it just because huawei's doesnt follow the rule that if the device has performance mode, it needs to be available to all apps, not only certain apps like benchmarks@games and user can access it from the setting, not auto setting.

      emui 9 will have performance mode setting for user to choose, then ul will lift the banned of huawei's 3 delisted devices when the update arrive to the user.

      it has now in game suite if u enable gaming mode,or certain apps that u can add in gaming mode. Yes, it makes the device a bit hotter than usual, also a more battery draining than normal mode(huawei's did give warning the impact of using gaming mode), but still, it wont causing extremely overheating untill the phone will be autoshutdown.

        MBenzPete, 20 Sep 2018Unfortunately, as long as the ‘bananagate’ cheating issues ... moreI can hear the Huawei board crying at your comment....

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          • Anonymous
          • IHx
          • 20 Sep 2018

          1k in the savings waiting on this one.

            MBenzPete, 20 Sep 2018Unfortunately, as long as the ‘bananagate’ cheating issues ... moreIt has been cleared up a long time ago... and I'm pretty damn sure they aren't stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. With that said it doesn't mean we can move on as if nothing has happened and completely forget about what they have done.

              MBenzPete, 20 Sep 2018Unfortunately, as long as the ‘bananagate’ cheating issues ... moreAnandtech were unfair for singling them out. Most smartphone makers, including all the fruit guys, do it. Those grossly overheat at well.

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                • Anonymous
                • wce
                • 20 Sep 2018

                Does hitchcock mean dolly zoom? Like the new dji drone?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • PAa
                  • 20 Sep 2018

                  my mate 10 pro has video bokeh mode... but its not rly good so i seldom use it

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                    • AnonD-632062
                    • 3Ye
                    • 20 Sep 2018

                    Very Ambitious and great.

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                      • MBenzPete
                      • Sqw
                      • 20 Sep 2018

                      Unfortunately, as long as the ‘bananagate’ cheating issues (see Anandtech) have not been cleared up, Huawei remains in my Volkswagen corner and I’m not buying their products.

                        Curved screen means BIG NO to buy Mate 20 Pro.
                        Staying with P20 Pro, for now.
                        Only if OP6T surprised me with more battery mah and better low light camera.

                          Sembi, 20 Sep 2018Video with the artificial bokeh isn't new to huawei mate 20... moreI only remember Honor 9 having it, if other phones had it I'm sure Gsmarena would have atleast mentioned it

                            How about they reduce the AI oversharpening to pleasently punchy levels and improve video quality

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                              • Sembi
                              • YUf
                              • 20 Sep 2018

                              Video with the artificial bokeh isn't new to huawei mate 20 pro at all. Wide aperture video mode has been available to huawei phones since the mate 9. Even my p20 pro has it

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                                • kate
                                • 2Am
                                • 20 Sep 2018

                                how many MP has this phone?

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                                  • waiting
                                  • 2Am
                                  • 20 Sep 2018

                                  waiting for this to be on my hand and capture painting outcomes like the p20p that i have. i dont where i am going to put my money on mobile industry. i will just try and try the new ones until i will reach the phone that can be suitable with me.

                                    i dont trust ip ratings..i got my phone water damaged, i felt confident with ip68 (a5 2017 phone). time came it seems dumb sometimes when charging.. then this ad promotes underwater photography lol

                                      Very unique design choice.
                                      If only the video capability is gonna improve this time...

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                                        • Shui8
                                        • KZ8
                                        • 20 Sep 2018

                                        Thats a mouthful of AI video recording features. All i care is if they improve the video stabilization as its their weakness.