Counterpoint: Apple earned 62% of the global phone profits in Q2

20 September 2018
The company also sells almost all phones priced $800+ and nearly half of the ones in the  $600-$800 price range.

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AnonD-771260, 20 Sep 2018Over 60% global profit for one company, It's crazy! They re... moreIt"s quite simple, they have their own OS and own ecosystem. It will carry them for very very long time.

Everyone else has to compete against 500 Android companies.

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    • 20 Sep 2018

    Over 60% global profit for one company, It's crazy! They really know how to do business!

      Aadrian, 20 Sep 2018No surprise if you sell your phones with a 763% margin. No surprise If you sell 40 millions flagship phones every q. For comparison Samsung sell maybe ten million. So Yes sure you make more money.

      What would you think Samsung profits would be If they sell 40 million galaxy S9 in one q

        No surprise if you sell your phones with a 763% margin.

          [deleted post]What do you mean by that?

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            • 20 Sep 2018

            OPPO + Vivo + OnePlus = BBK brands.

            It's really boring seeing those three threated separately...

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              • 20 Sep 2018

              those numbers say the following:
              Apple only sells 3 overpriced devices (same hardware 4 years in a row so profits are huge while cost reduces for them).
              Android manufacturers sell 30-40 overpriced devices and the rest of their portfolio are devices with very small margins or some maybe loss (I am sure that phones like the pocophone are a financial loss and they are conisdered as marketing cost).
              Next year we will see at least 4-5 pocophone like devices and mayb3 2-3 500-600$ devices like onplus, more powerful than 1000$ devices.

              Long term Apple will sink hard, people are already starting to ask themselves what they are paying 1000$ plus for.

                Woahhh! Their profits declined sharply!!!!
                Now I get why they removed the 1$ worth of dongle from the box and are selling them for 9$. Want that 90% share back! You know, many drops make an ocean

                  Well comparing manufacturing and sellibng price is no wonder apple is top.
                  But when we compare numbers of units sold Xiaomi is thousdant of miles before apple.
                  maybe it have aqlmost no profit but from past it increases a lot in quality and yet its best bang for bucks. We can say its equal with other lot more expensive brands and it becomes even better, Xiaomi, One Plus and Huawei i am proud of you.

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                    • 20 Sep 2018

                    [deleted post]Well said. Kudos.

                      [deleted post]I couldnt have said it better myself.

                        It used to be above 90% for Apple. I guess smartphones really are on the decline and people grew tired of upgrading. Collecting smartphones is really a waste of time and money. Same old sh.., different day.