Nokia 7.1 Plus shines in new rumor-based renders, back panel leaks from factory

21 September 2018
The notch might be here to stay.

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  • amii1730

Loved 7plus. In &.1 plus Processor must be upgraded as well as front flash is necesary..

  • Anonymous

Nokia 7.1 plus (X7) need contained new specs :

1.Display --- Super Amoled - HDR
2.Chipset --- Snapdragon 710 or Snapdragon 845
3.Charge --- Quick Charge 4

Beacuse other specs have it Nokia 6.1 plus (X6)

pl2rts, 24 Sep 2018I would say the screen with the notch is making them a copy... moreFor me stock android is necessary. I've used HMD's Nokia phones. Nokia 3, Nokia 6 2017 and Nokia 6.1 Plus because my family members have them. HMD has maintained the durability and build quality that Nokia in their new phones. Nokia 6.1 Plus is a gorgeous phone with a similar specification as compared to RN5 Pro(RN5 Pro camera is better) and I like compact phones so between RN5 Pro and Nokia 6.1 Plus my choice will always be a Nokia 6.1 Plus because of compact design, premium build quality, stock android, and SDM636 that every other phone has in that segment. And Also the IPS display of Nokia 6.1 Plus is so good than RN5 Pro, I've used both of them side by side.

DaleCooper, 24 Sep 2018That's what I was saying that Nokia was ahead of its time a... moreI would say the screen with the notch is making them a copycat more then the camera placement. And i have had over 15 phones in my life and at least 12 of them have been Nokia. But with there new HMD startup company i have no want to have any of there new phones. Hardware in them are old when they hit the European market and price is to high for them. And they have nothing special with there new phones that makes me want to have them. Year ago i switched from Lumia 830 to Leagoo just to see whats the quality of it is like if i buy a phone under 100 euro. For the price the quality wass good enough for me so half a year later i bought Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI global version and i am even more happy about it and especially for the price i got it for and the experience so far over 3 months in use i have got every month at least one update that will have security update in them. I wont look Nokia phones anymore cause they dont have nothing special and stock android dont make them special. Even with windows they were special and different but now they are same like the rest of the android family and even there camera is not that good that i would spend my money on them.

pl2rts, 22 Sep 2018But Nokia smartphones existed before iphone. What do you... moreThat's what I was saying that Nokia was ahead of its time and I have always been a Nokia user. So calling Nokia a copycat for camera placement is not right.

  • Anonymous

I hope, 7.1 plus will be sold in EU with 6GB RAM. In such configuration I would go for it. Even the non-flagship SoCs seem to be powerfull enough for all no-gaming use.

  • strong & stable

Xhxhyy, 23 Sep 2018Honor Play is even cheaper, sturdy enough and luxurious at ... moreare you sure? nokia's x6 (6.1 plus) appears to be a top-rated low-budget device.

  • Anonymous

JayMech, 22 Sep 2018Nokia Lumia 1020 had amoled display and pureview camera in ... moreThey acquired the pureview trademark from Nokia. Nokia didn’t sell those technologies to Microsoft.

Will any of these "plus" models make it to the US?? We only got the regular 2, 5, and 6 and none of those seem too great...

  • Xhxhyy

Honor Play is even cheaper, sturdy enough and luxurious at the same time. Time to move-on from dead old brand.

  • Dave

Nokia phones already died. It's HMD using the brand. The cameras never have been as before, their software for them is a bad joke, the design a copy influenced by others, etc. And the "quality construction slogan" the excuse to overprice them. But finally customers have spotted it, and with Meizu, Xiaomi, Honor and others doing now a better job it's time to reconsider somethings, stop fooling old and loyal customers and their feelings, improve or RIP and free the brand in pace forever.

DaleCooper, 22 Sep 2018What kind of logic is this to say someone copycat? By th... moreBut Nokia smartphones existed before iphone.

What do you call Nokia 9000 that was made 1998 then ?
Or 9210 release 2000 and 9210i 2002 ?
Or 7700 in year 2003 ?
Or 7710 in year 2004 ?

What were these then if they are not smartphones ?

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018is the main camera an iphone X copy? no What kind of logic is this to say someone copycat?

By this logic, Nokia smartphones existed before iPhone ever came to life and most of the principal mobile technologies are developed by Nokia.

So the iPhone is a copycat? no

Nokia, go back to Finland and claim your lost glory. So far I'm not impressed, at all.

  • JayMech

SuncaiJR, 22 Sep 2018When did Nokia make a flagship? about specs, like using a s... moreNokia Lumia 1020 had amoled display and pureview camera in 2013. hmd global now holds rights to use nokia patents and acquired pureview trademark from Microsoft, so flagship is coming later on after the nokia 7.1.

  • matthew

No Zeiss branding and a detachable rear cover suggest this isn't the 7.1 Plus

To me it looks like 6.1 plus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018is the main camera an iphone X copy? no So placing the camera in the top middle of the back makes it not a copycat while the screen has that Notch what matters the most as you look the screen more then you look or care what is the back of the phone ?

  • Anonymous

Nokia 7.1 plus (x7) need to be low price, beacuse xiaomi pocophone f1 have better chipset and have price 280euro, another smartphone how have same chipset snapdragon 710 is Meizu X8 and everyone get it for 200euro!
Now Nokia 7.1 plus (x7) your time is to comming in world, but don't forget 270e euro is maximal price how get buyin the phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018I prefer the Chinese copycats. More attractive than Euro co... morethen you need to get your eyes checked