Vive VR wireless adapter now available, supports up to three players

25 September 2018
Freedom from wires is sweet, but the price might be hard to swallow.

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Personally I think this is a cool design, It looks like one of the Headgears from Warframe, The technology is fantastic and the Vive products are exceptional, well built products with exceptional hardware inside them, You pay a good amount for an exceptional product.

  • Awsumname

HTC used to have great design on phone Long long time ago. but start from 3 years ago.. all the phone looks ugly.. out of date design.. now this HTC VIVE is a break through.. but u can see this is super ugly for a wireless adapter... it look like a short ugly horn..... can't the designer think of something more classy? ? ? i'm speechless..

Nice technology.
Remember the days when our parents don't want us to watch TV very near? Now, tides have changed. XD

300USD and you still need to buy the headset and the PC. Laptops are incompatible except those with Thunderbolt as there is no PCIe slot except for NVMe SSD and Mini PCIe slot for the WiFi/Bluetooth card.